89.5fm WSKB Spring Hip-Hop Concert

89.5fm WSKB Spring Hip-Hop Concert

Every year Westfield State University radio station 89.5fm WSKB put on an all-day concert from 12pm to 7pm. Many talented acts and bands come through to perform, sell merchandise and many do it for the love and fun of it. Majority of the bands lead from punk rock acts to experimental- with a lack of hip-hop. BUT! This year on APRIL 12TH the board of hip-hop director, myself, P-Rice will be hosting one of the biggest underground hip-hop shows Westfield State University has ever put on. Originally planning to have artists from New Jersey all the way to the Southern Cali- the hip-hop show caused much controversy and excitement. Many artists wanted to come out from Mo the General to Johnny Collarossi; but many of the acts that are going to be performing are straight from the underground music scenes of Massachusetts. Such acts consist of up and coming emcee: E.S.P. (who plans releasing his debut Weapon of Mass Production this Spring- it’ll be available for sale at the show), MassILLusions, Sean Byrne (who has opened up for acts like 3 6 Mafia), Koffidential, KR the MC,and Westfield State’s own crew ATI- along with myself P-Rice.

The general manager tried to shut the show down, they tried to hold back the sounds of the underground (for no appropriate reason as the hip-hop show didn’t interfere with any of the other acts or schedule); P-Rice fought to have an hour and a half of pure hip-hop music out of the 7 hour long concert. Also including the fact, with no budget whatsoever, the setlist of acts P-Rice is bringing to the hip-hop show are all coming out for the love, fun & exposure- giving artists the opportunities to be heard in a setting where NEW music & upcoming artists is important to the audience. College students. Bringing the hippest underground show in MA- Be sure to come out and support a true team of hardworking acts and talent on April 12th- Starting between 4:00-4:30pm at Westfield State University.

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