1. -Is the P-Rice Blog strictly about music? No, the P-Rice blog is not just about music, our blog circulates around entertainment, media, opinions, radio and stories; usually in the narration and perspective of the author, myself, P-Rice.

2. Is the P-Rice blog an advertisement for P-Rice’s Radio Show? No, the P-Rice blog is not an advertisement to promote our radio show, even though we mention and talk about our show often- posting links etc. The P-Rice blog is an open and shared diary for our fans, listeners and artists alike.

 3. What is the kind of writing that is displayed the P-Rice blog? The writing that is displayed on the P-Rice blog are writings that express feelings, opinions and the daily journeys of P-Rice. The writing on the P-Rice blog is to bring about non-mainstream un-heard talent to the spotlight (with a side dish of some classic talent) and to communicate and network with artists, DJ’s, musicians and writers that fall into the same community. P-Rice is the host and your all welcome to our blogs home to collaborate, express ideas, information and to network.

4. Where are all your previous and new blog post located at? All our blog post are on the left side side of every page underneath our comments section entitled “Archives”- feel free to choose whatever month you would like to view post for.

5. Are there any other P-Rice pages we can visit? If your interested in more of P-Rice’s entertainment you can check out our Youtube(.com/PriceUS4life), our Twitter(@508FavoriteMC), our Reverbnation(.com/ price508finestemcee), our Facebook (.com/pages/Price/51151174081) and or add us on Facebook(.com/price.recordings).

6. Is P-Rice welcoming any kind of artist/musician/writer that doesn’t or aren’t involved with the rap/hip-hop community? Yes, P-Rice welcomes all to his blog that are involved with arts and creativity; it is a plus if your into the hip-hop scene but all media/entertainers are welcome to express their art. Impress us.

7. Can’t seem to find the answer for your Question? If you have anymore questions that aren’t answered here, feel free to leave a question in the comment box down below and or e-mail us here: Price_29@comcast.net and will get back to ASAP.


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