Daily Prompt: Time After Time


Sometimes you need to put life on pause- time after time

Sometimes it’s alright to break the laws- time after time

Sometimes it’s right to fight for the cause- time after time

As long as you believe in what your doing- time after time

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Daily Prompt: Expect the Unexpected


When I heard the news that autumn day

I couldn’t believe it- lost of words I didn’t know what to say

I wish life was like a movie- so reality I could eject it

Mama told me there would be days- Expect the Unexpected

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Daily Prompt: Self-Conscience Anxiety


Paranoid within my own fears- professions call it self-conscience anxiety

Second guess when your not there- Questions, to see if you lie to me

Haunted by my own despair- you can call it self-conscience anxiety

Believing in my own nightmares- makes the world full of depravity

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Daily Prompt: Power of Touch


The touch of a baby can make anyone smile

The touch of a lady can make any man wild

Touch & Connection is what brings us together

The touch of a loving mother brings a sense of security

The touch of a hardworking father brings a sense of maturity

Touch & Connection is what helps us grow together

The touch of a loving teacher brings a sense of support

The touch of a good friend brings comfort in all sorts

Touch & Connection is what helps us move forth

The touch of a helping stranger in the streets brings a sense of hope

Touch of connection from overseas with a letter in an envelope

Touch & Connection can be experienced through out

Do your part and maybe someone will help you out

By: Patrick “P-Rice” Rice

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Daily Prompt: Tattoo’s the Diverse Art



The art that can be seen on all different complexions

The art that can symbolize and represent your section

The dark art that leaves you marked- leaves reflection

The art, done so well, adds a unique twist to Perfection

The art that intertwines codes, culture and ways of expression

The art that tells stories, sends condolences, even confessions

Some wear the art up and down, like it’s their profession

New art with the right touch, will make you look fresher then..

Old art with a few pounds, you’ll start fading & stretching them

But besides all the explaining, my only and last question then..

Do you have a favorite tattoo from yours to your bestfriends ink?

By: Patrick “P-Rice” Rice 


Leave as a comment below and let us know what your favorite tattoo is, from your own to your friends or maybe one you’ve even seen. Also who do you think, known celebrities to un-known, have the best tattoo’s? If you would like please feel free to post photos as well to show…

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Daily Prompt: Keeping Up with the Jones’s..”Lavish”


Daily Prompt: Keeping Up with the Jones’s..”Lavish”

We live in a materialistic Society

where  material items can define me

Put me on a shelve- mind as well buy me

You see the outside, but not the inside me

It seems like all my neighbors play the game to keep up with the Jones’s

Nice lawn, new car- feel like the government asking, “you own this?”

Loose a material item, replace it, loose a child, ha but you can’t clone kids

Even if you have the money do you need all the clothes and newest iphone 6

Probably not, so think about it, instead of spending you could be saving

but does it matter? You can’t take none of it when you’ve approached Rest Haven

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Daily Prompt: Fear



Daily Prompt: Fear (The Un-Known)

An un-known force is moving in close and near

Makes you begin to think that there’s ghost in here

But it’s stronger and has the ability to host your fear

Minutes counting down, your writing this post in tears

What is it? That dark force? We can’t be like who knows or who cares

You begin to feel week from your hands all the way down to your knees

But you continue to fight it and finish the last words that your pen bleed

Blood stops in your veins, flashbacks; revealed the forgotten life you lead

Large portions of distortion and corruption lead you to; this is a devils deed

Like you’ve been gone, bed full of dead roses awaits you for your last sleep

As if we have no choice, the man decides whenever and whoever he’d like to reap

But we would like to thank him, for taking our soul from the world in such discreet

By: Patrick “P-Rice” Rice


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Daily Prompt: To Boldly Go and Take the Stand



The grey loneliness of the long winter slowly approaches

What fills the gravely skies- dark clouds colored like Roaches

Our atmosphere shivers- as snow collects on our porches

Only way we stay warm- is remaining inside our fortress

It’s the last days- and change is far from being on the shortlist

It’s the last days- sometimes our missions- we want to abort this

But- we must stand tall like the snow banks- take our dreams and move forth with

Like soldiers in a battlefield, fighting for success, it is ok to have internal war with

Yourself; when you are trying to find discovery- which is planted in your own hands

A new day, new week, new month, a new year- are we closer to the microphone stand ?

A new day, new week, new month, a new year- have I developed myself into my own man?

A new day, new week, new month, a new year- does your stance symbol your own stand?