Underground Hip-Hop Taking Over Western Mass

The P-Rice Fall Hip-Hop Showcase exposed Western Mass to a variety of underground hip-hop/R&B artists this past November at Westfield State. P-Rice independently put together his 2nd Hip-Hop showcase featuring local acts from all over the region. With P-Rice shutting down the show after his performance- the 413, 508, 617 all came together to celebrate Real Hip-Hop for a night..

Acts like Arkatex, Glitch Mouth (from CT), E.S.P. & Sean Byrne (MA) along with Mo the General (NJ) all came out to perform with many more!

P-Rice plans on hosting his last major hip-hop showcase at Westfield State sometime during Spring 2015..Stay posted on P-Rice’s Facebook Page for updates and information on the Spring Showcase & More!

2 thoughts on “Underground Hip-Hop Taking Over Western Mass

    • Yo man, while we were in the process of editing and came back after winter break..we lost some of the footage from the computers in the mac lab..why the whole show wasn’t put into a video sadly..

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