Hip-Hop in a Different Reality


Melodies and harmonies drenched in synthesizers and driven basslines with a twist of funkiness bring P-Rice’s “DeRealization EP” to life. Except, there is another noticeable difference. P-Rice isn’t the name listed on the cover of the “DeRealization EP”..instead it reads M.O.T.R. also known by Mind on the Run. Which is the alter ego of P-Rice, lost in the dimensions of funk & caught in a trance, his beats are for the trunk or for you to dance.

“DeRealization” delivers a solid effort for a 1st production release and reflects various of inspirations from other genres throughout the play. You may hear a little hip-hop, dub/club, R&B and funk throughout the catchy synth licks M.O.T.R. presents. You can listen to the “DeRealization EP” in the Soundcloud link up above.


Delivering a New Style in a Different Dimension

Ex College Radio star, P-Rice aka Price, has been working on an unexpected project with a planned release for sometime in 2016. P-Rice has gone behind the keyboard advancing his production skills for his upcoming instrumental album, soon to be announced. The album touches the genres of psychedlic synth-pop, chillwave, and hip-hop with the influences of funk.

The tranquil “Dreaming of You” is the 1st single off the project. P-Rice released it on Soundcloud.com, grab a listen here and let us know what you think?!