“Solo But Not Alone” Future Super Producer Cartelsons Interview Hosted by: P-Rice

Cartelsons with the DPG

Straight out of Lyon, France comes a long over due producer, Cartelsons, who has been producing music for 10 years. Now in the year of 2013, Cartelsons, released his debut album “Drugstore Music” in which he pressed his own copies of selling them through Facebook with anticipation to now release his next project “Solo But Not Alone”. With an All-Star Veteran Westcoast cast on his first project “Drugstore Music”; it is now round 2 for the French producer who has already worked with his childhood idols and inspirations to come back with more of an All-Star Veteran cast along with upcoming stars that are ready to shine on “Solo But Not Alone”. I, myself P-Rice, was able to have the chance to chop it up with Cartelsons about his come up in the game, inspirations/collaborations, the Europe Hip-Hop scene and his next big upcoming project “Solo But Not Alone”.

Interview was done: 12/19/2013

Questions asked by: P-Rice

P-Rice: How long have you been producing music?

Cartelsons: I began to produce 10 years ago approximately with one of my homie.

P-Rice: There any meaning behind your name, Cartelsons? If so, what is it?

Cartelsons: At the beginning, CartelSons was me and one of my friend. We loved movies in South America with drug cartels, Medellin etc. I decided to keep the name CartelSons in memory of my homie who died in a accident 7 years ago. Right now CartelSons is just me with the legacy of my friend.

P-Rice: Though it may be obvious, but for those who don’t know, who are your biggest inspirations and influences in music?

Cartelsons: I grew up in different types of music. My parents were listening to Old Rock and blues. One of my brother listen Gangsta Rap and G-Funk and my old brother some Soul, New Jack and Old Roots and Reggae. I got the chance to grow up with all these influences. I’m a real fan of blues and soul music and Afro American music. I’m concerned by this part of History.

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Signing Off for 2013

Wednesday was our final show of The P-Rice Show on 89.5fm WSKB for the year of 2013. Sadly, the internet links haven’t been working so our audiences across sea and out of area couldn’t tune into our latest finale, but to keep our interested readers and listeners updated here is how our show went down. We decided to give props to a handful of European and French producers and the resurrection of the G-Funk sound in the ’10s by airing some of the freshest such as Doggmaster, Sovan, Pass Pass and the entitled Dogg Pound of France, Cartelsons, with their single “Wake Up in Cali” with MC Eiht & Foesum. As a Radio DJ, especially for a college radio station, we believe that airing underground artists or artists who aren’t or was at one time in the limelight, on our show is very important. It is what makes our hip-hop show different from others; playing music that your major local hip-hop DJ would never dare to play or probably never even heard of. We believe our music knowledge for unknown artists is too much for our own benefits- in the sense is it truly worth anything? Well for an inspiring entertainer, writer- anything can influence us. My nextdoor neighbor making music to number one chart hitters; if we dig the sound and vibe and like what we hear then it influences us in one way or the other. That is how an artist should be, well-rounded, open minded and inspired by a majority of aspects in life. We will be back on air January 22nd, 2014 for our Birthday Show & more interviews to come with artists.

Though our show ended for 2013, no fear if you even care and still wanna hear for what we have in store for next year, in 2014 you can always follow and find us posting here: Facebook, TwitterReverbnation, YouTube. Follow and continue with us amongst our journey throughout the world of hip-hop, media and poetry.

Daily Prompt: Expect the Unexpected


When I heard the news that autumn day

I couldn’t believe it- lost of words I didn’t know what to say

I wish life was like a movie- so reality I could eject it

Mama told me there would be days- Expect the Unexpected

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The Internet Age: Producing Garbage?

The internet is the most powerful source to gain information thoroughly and quick. The internet has giving many un-heard voices an opportunity to be heard within several communities and some un-heard voices reign their community they are a part of. Thousands of starving artists littering links throughout social networking, amateur models photo happy trying to get a quick like on their newest post, inspiring film makers putting hours in to produce creative skits for YouTube mixing in with all the B-Rated producers out there polluting the nets of their work. Without the internet, would some still have the fan base or fame? Without the internet, would some still have the same networking connections? For the average working man and woman probably not. I can speak for myself, I’ve been able to network with artists across sea’s and without the internet- I honestly don’t know where I would see myself today.

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Europe: The Rebirth of G-Funk

Emerald green palm trees shadow over lowrider’s sitting on spinning 100 spokes. The smell of urbal fruits yet skunky aroma of  marijuana fills the air as the deep basslines and calming chords from keyboards and synthesizers beat into the surround sound of another claimed to be player in the streets. G-Funk, a sub-genre of Gangster Rap, blew up mainstream in the mid 1990’s with producers like Dr. Dre, DJ Quik, Cold 187 setting prime examples of the genre, G-Funk put rap music truly into the mainstream. Records from Warren G, 2pac, Eazy-E, Dr. Dre, DJ Quik & several other artists were going several times platinum with the new bad ass funky sound. As the late 90’s came in, the Southern rap/hip-hop scene began to become prevalent with acts like Master P (No Limit Records) and Cash Money Records the G-Funk era shortly died out. Though the genre of music was still heard in veterans of the genre and several Southern California rap artists have a lick in keeping the vibe to their modern records- G-Funk in the United States has seen better days.

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Your Risque DJ

Radio has advanced throughout the years in what DJ’s can and can’t say on air. Lets take Howard Stern and Don Imus as an example, back in the 80’s and 90’s, the two radio host have stirred up controversy by expressing their- at times- harsh, liberal minded opinions and perspectives. Howard Stern was never afraid to tell a caller off and have the biggest rise out of the callers response, Imus known for his stubborn cowboy look and persona and along time rival of Stern has proved that he isn’t afraid to state his opinions- especially when it comes to women sports. But lets, in all reality, not bring that back up again. As I look back I can’t believe as a little middle school student, at the time, I was watching such a talk show host and finding him entertaining- little did we know, exactly what he was talking about and how he was talking about it.

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Daily Prompt: Self-Conscience Anxiety


Paranoid within my own fears- professions call it self-conscience anxiety

Second guess when your not there- Questions, to see if you lie to me

Haunted by my own despair- you can call it self-conscience anxiety

Believing in my own nightmares- makes the world full of depravity

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More than a Television Show


“Unsolved Mysteries: A Misnomer” by You Monster’s Are People, introduced a relatable connection and new perspectives towards murder mystery shows. The show “Unsolved Mysteries” is infamously known for running on television throughout the late 80’s and ending in the mid 2000’s exposing unsolved murder tales to millions watching television. You Monster’s Are People writes in his article his sensational fear towards “Unsolved Mysteries” and being terrified after watching an episode as a child knowing that there was some knife-welding psycho path rapist on the loose in the town over or so along the lines like that. As a child though, who wouldn’t!?

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R Kelly Does Special Performance In Honor Of Nelson Mandela Passing Away And Talks About His Comeback: Arsenio Hall Show

As being into the whole hip-hop and music scene in general, we grew up with R. Kelly’s R&B music in the 90’s and early 2000’s; but also Arsenio Hall is famously known for having some of the hottest and dopest rap/hip-hop/R&B singers on his show especially back in the late 80’s and throughout the 90’s. Arsenio Hall has recently returned back to late night television and it’s great to see an old face still being able to make a bit of a come back. This is also a very honorable clip because R. Kelly is singing in honor and memory of Nelson Mandela in which back in the day R. Kelly wrote his song “Soldier’s Heart” and performed for Nelson Mandela in Mandela’s house. Rest in Peace Nelson Mandela.

Daily Prompt: Power of Touch


The touch of a baby can make anyone smile

The touch of a lady can make any man wild

Touch & Connection is what brings us together

The touch of a loving mother brings a sense of security

The touch of a hardworking father brings a sense of maturity

Touch & Connection is what helps us grow together

The touch of a loving teacher brings a sense of support

The touch of a good friend brings comfort in all sorts

Touch & Connection is what helps us move forth

The touch of a helping stranger in the streets brings a sense of hope

Touch of connection from overseas with a letter in an envelope

Touch & Connection can be experienced through out

Do your part and maybe someone will help you out

By: Patrick “P-Rice” Rice

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