Signing Off for 2013

Wednesday was our final show of The P-Rice Show on 89.5fm WSKB for the year of 2013. Sadly, the internet links haven’t been working so our audiences across sea and out of area couldn’t tune into our latest finale, but to keep our interested readers and listeners updated here is how our show went down. We decided to give props to a handful of European and French producers and the resurrection of the G-Funk sound in the ’10s by airing some of the freshest such as Doggmaster, Sovan, Pass Pass and the entitled Dogg Pound of France, Cartelsons, with their single “Wake Up in Cali” with MC Eiht & Foesum. As a Radio DJ, especially for a college radio station, we believe that airing underground artists or artists who aren’t or was at one time in the limelight, on our show is very important. It is what makes our hip-hop show different from others; playing music that your major local hip-hop DJ would never dare to play or probably never even heard of. We believe our music knowledge for unknown artists is too much for our own benefits- in the sense is it truly worth anything? Well for an inspiring entertainer, writer- anything can influence us. My nextdoor neighbor making music to number one chart hitters; if we dig the sound and vibe and like what we hear then it influences us in one way or the other. That is how an artist should be, well-rounded, open minded and inspired by a majority of aspects in life. We will be back on air January 22nd, 2014 for our Birthday Show & more interviews to come with artists.

Though our show ended for 2013, no fear if you even care and still wanna hear for what we have in store for next year, in 2014 you can always follow and find us posting here: Facebook, TwitterReverbnation, YouTube. Follow and continue with us amongst our journey throughout the world of hip-hop, media and poetry.