Top Shelf Wreckords and Johnny Collarossi Puts Hurricane Harvey Victim’s First!



Hailing out of San Diego, California, Rap artist Johnny Collarossi is preparing to release his majorly anticipated album entitled ‘Texafornia’ this upcoming Monday, September 18th, 2017. The album is a collaboration between Westcoast and Down South artists, specifically California and Texas. Collarossi is no stranger to the Texas scene as he has done several collaborations with artist’s from the ‘Screwed Up Click’; such as Big Pokey and rapper Lil’ Keke on tracks like ‘Money Shake’ (which also features Terry Zapp Troutman). The leading single for the album is the title track, ‘Texafornia’, featuring Big Pokey, Lil’ Keke, Big2DaBoy, Da’Unda’Dogg and upcoming artists Propain and Tiaramy.

Due to the recently devastating damage left by Hurricane Harvey that scrummage through Texas leaving many without homes and necessities; Collarossi and Top Shelf Wreckords teamed up with a few charities to donate 100% of all online digital download purchases to the Hurricane Harvey victims in Houston and Port Arthur, Texas.

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Aceoutrageous: Outrageous Frequency through the U.S.



We’ve been gone for awhile but to sum up what has been going on in the world of P-Rice, a few weeks ago on February 19th- I had the chance to chop it up with up and coming artist Aceoutrageous. For those that don’t know who Aceoutrageous is, he is an up and coming artist out of New Jersey but is now over in Colorado and California. Ace called into the P-Rice Show for an interview that went close to if not over 45 minutes well he was on his way to a show in Salt Lake City, Utah for the following night. We were able to discuss Ace’s last project “The Outrageous Life Vol. 1” (download it here on iTunes), his work with President Obama and the HUD organization, Ace’s future project “The Green Tape” (which will be for free download on major hip-hop mixtape sites) and his experiences touring.

Aceoutrageous has opened up for such acts like Mac Miller, Machine Gun Kelly and many more; he has even toured with Big Boi from Outkast. A live and high-energetic performer Ace knows how to rock his crowds and makes sure everyone has had a good time “turn’t up!” Our favorites from Ace has to be his catchy yet soothing track “Company” to his erratic intense energy up-in-your-face track “Frequency” to comical yet melodic club banger “Finger Lickin’ Good”. We would love to have Ace come out and perform for our radio stations concert in the spring but final decisions haven’t been confirmed yet. If not- maybe in the future Ace can call into the show again to chop it up with us and kick some game about any new projects- you guys are more than welcome to!

Much Props & 1love- P-Rice

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The Internet Age: Producing Garbage?

The internet is the most powerful source to gain information thoroughly and quick. The internet has giving many un-heard voices an opportunity to be heard within several communities and some un-heard voices reign their community they are a part of. Thousands of starving artists littering links throughout social networking, amateur models photo happy trying to get a quick like on their newest post, inspiring film makers putting hours in to produce creative skits for YouTube mixing in with all the B-Rated producers out there polluting the nets of their work. Without the internet, would some still have the fan base or fame? Without the internet, would some still have the same networking connections? For the average working man and woman probably not. I can speak for myself, I’ve been able to network with artists across sea’s and without the internet- I honestly don’t know where I would see myself today.

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Europe: The Rebirth of G-Funk

Emerald green palm trees shadow over lowrider’s sitting on spinning 100 spokes. The smell of urbal fruits yet skunky aroma of  marijuana fills the air as the deep basslines and calming chords from keyboards and synthesizers beat into the surround sound of another claimed to be player in the streets. G-Funk, a sub-genre of Gangster Rap, blew up mainstream in the mid 1990’s with producers like Dr. Dre, DJ Quik, Cold 187 setting prime examples of the genre, G-Funk put rap music truly into the mainstream. Records from Warren G, 2pac, Eazy-E, Dr. Dre, DJ Quik & several other artists were going several times platinum with the new bad ass funky sound. As the late 90’s came in, the Southern rap/hip-hop scene began to become prevalent with acts like Master P (No Limit Records) and Cash Money Records the G-Funk era shortly died out. Though the genre of music was still heard in veterans of the genre and several Southern California rap artists have a lick in keeping the vibe to their modern records- G-Funk in the United States has seen better days.

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Your Risque DJ

Radio has advanced throughout the years in what DJ’s can and can’t say on air. Lets take Howard Stern and Don Imus as an example, back in the 80’s and 90’s, the two radio host have stirred up controversy by expressing their- at times- harsh, liberal minded opinions and perspectives. Howard Stern was never afraid to tell a caller off and have the biggest rise out of the callers response, Imus known for his stubborn cowboy look and persona and along time rival of Stern has proved that he isn’t afraid to state his opinions- especially when it comes to women sports. But lets, in all reality, not bring that back up again. As I look back I can’t believe as a little middle school student, at the time, I was watching such a talk show host and finding him entertaining- little did we know, exactly what he was talking about and how he was talking about it.

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Real Hip-Hop Lives On in the Underground

“Hip-Hop is Dead’ is the thought of many veteran and even young hip-hop listeners. The club and poppy dance beats have taking over the hot rap/hip-hop charts, aimlessly repetitive hustling anthems replayed on your local major hip-hop station. It seems like the odds could be true that one of the most unique, expressive yet controversial genres of music is pronounced dead from what the eye can see; but take your ear down to the underground and you will experience for yourself the real sound of hip-hop is well alive..and actively doing well.

Up and coming inspiring emcee, Shane Presutti AKA E.S.P, has networked his way to some of the dopest upcoming names in the underground for hip-hop such as Kev Soul (producer), Fresh Kilz (Canadian producer) and Sleepqyuil (Producer/Emcee) in anticipation for his debut release “Weapon of Mass Production”. P-Rice was able to have E.S.P on his show to discuss about his upcoming debut, his come up in the music, thoughts on the industry & the come back of real hip-hop, future plans and much more ! Tune into the video, Part II can be found under our videos on YouTube as well.

The P-Rice Show can be heard on Wednesday Nights 6-8pm on 89.5fm WSKB (eastern)

Answer’s First, Question’s Later

In a generation and time where media constantly revolves around our daily lives, many people have similar desires and inspirations to pursue a career within media. Children grow up with iPhones, cameras and camcorders in the palm of their hands, allowing them to create and reproduce the images and ideas they have circulating throughout their imagination. Thanks to the inventions and creations developed by Steve Jobs such as the iPod, iPhone, new and improved iMac’s- technology has exploded like never before and reached new destinations that were un-imaginable in times before.

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Airwave Blues

If you are an artist, entertainer, public personality, radio DJ and or writer; you probably all can relate to the striving pain of building more of an audience. As a radio DJ and you could say artist and public personality- we have had our up’s and down’s with publicity for our show. I guess it is true when they say, “Here for one moment and gone the next”, in show business, because it seems you can have a great show one night and be on top of the world but by next week it is like all your hard work has been erased. The thoughts of dead air and deaf ears circulate your mind and you begin to think; is this another dream turned into a part-time hobby again or will maybe one day we will see a rainbow through the stormy clearings that welcome us our reward for paying dues. 

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“And grown men acting like teenagers….”

In our society sports seem to be one of the major forms of entertainment; especially if you are born and raised in the New England area. Riots have a risen from sports, cars have been tipped in celebration from home teams winning and the players in the game are over-paid and titled role models for our youth. As there has been many sport stars in the past that been accused or caught in the act of using steroids such as Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds, A-Rod and so goes on the never ending list; we also can’t forget the horrible incident back in the late 80’s when upcoming star Len Bias overdosed on Cocaine. So the main question is, are our healthy athletic sport players truly role models? Well after the Red Sox win of the World Series- you would think so- but lets take a look at what has been going on down in Miami with the Dolphins.

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From Your Heart….

As someone who has had a love and passion for telling stories and writing if there is one thing that I have learned with writing is that- the best writing is the writing that comes from the heart. The writing that expresses your inner emotions, feelings, beliefs and that is the kind of writing that will make a connection between you and your audience. The writing that expresses the struggles or feelings that we as humans all go through or can relate to or even the writing that not everyone can relate to but respect because of the expression in it.

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