10 “If they Were” Mugshot Photos

1. The Smoked Out Hippi

After all these years, he never thought legalization of marijuana existed..until he woke up in 2013- realizing it wasn’t 1975 anymore- He was lucky it was only a dime.


2. The Jolly Guy

“Come On, really going to pull me over at Dunkin Donuts?” This guy is thinking cause he shares similar eating interest with his local PD and a jolly old smile will get him a long way out of trouble- you would think he was posing for picture day.


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Our Slept-On Favorite G-Funk Album’s

File:The dead has arisen.jpg

1. The Dead Has Arisen-Lil’ Half Dead. Half Dead’s 1994 debut album is full of slept-on G-Funk production. The lyrics are elementary at times and only resembled the everyday “hood life” in South Central LA during the mid 90’s; the everyday struggle of selling narcotics in the midst of Urban America’s violent crack epidemic laced with smooth, classy, rich, lazy funk and soul production is what can represents Half Dead’s debut. What makes his album enjoyable to listen to is mainly the excellent production and the laid back flow that Half Dead has accomplished in making catchy with the “cliche” slang of a Westcoast Gangster. The album when released peaked #39 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and #17 on the Top Heatseekers; since it’s release and out of print (physical copy wise) Lil’ Half Dead’s The Dead Has Risen has become a cult-classic with G-Funk fans along with his second release Steel on a Mission.

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