Daily Prompt: Keeping Up with the Jones’s..”Lavish”


Daily Prompt: Keeping Up with the Jones’s..”Lavish”

We live in a materialistic Society

where  material items can define me

Put me on a shelve- mind as well buy me

You see the outside, but not the inside me

It seems like all my neighbors play the game to keep up with the Jones’s

Nice lawn, new car- feel like the government asking, “you own this?”

Loose a material item, replace it, loose a child, ha but you can’t clone kids

Even if you have the money do you need all the clothes and newest iphone 6

Probably not, so think about it, instead of spending you could be saving

but does it matter? You can’t take none of it when you’ve approached Rest Haven

By: Patrick “P-Rice” Rice, based off our song “Lavish”, and if you enjoy our work support our page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/P-Rice/51151174081 Image

Daily Prompt: Fear



Daily Prompt: Fear (The Un-Known)

An un-known force is moving in close and near

Makes you begin to think that there’s ghost in here

But it’s stronger and has the ability to host your fear

Minutes counting down, your writing this post in tears

What is it? That dark force? We can’t be like who knows or who cares

You begin to feel week from your hands all the way down to your knees

But you continue to fight it and finish the last words that your pen bleed

Blood stops in your veins, flashbacks; revealed the forgotten life you lead

Large portions of distortion and corruption lead you to; this is a devils deed

Like you’ve been gone, bed full of dead roses awaits you for your last sleep

As if we have no choice, the man decides whenever and whoever he’d like to reap

But we would like to thank him, for taking our soul from the world in such discreet

By: Patrick “P-Rice” Rice


If you know the fear, please feel free to comment below and let us know what you thought the “fear” we were writing about

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Daily Prompt: To Boldly Go and Take the Stand



The grey loneliness of the long winter slowly approaches

What fills the gravely skies- dark clouds colored like Roaches

Our atmosphere shivers- as snow collects on our porches

Only way we stay warm- is remaining inside our fortress

It’s the last days- and change is far from being on the shortlist

It’s the last days- sometimes our missions- we want to abort this

But- we must stand tall like the snow banks- take our dreams and move forth with

Like soldiers in a battlefield, fighting for success, it is ok to have internal war with

Yourself; when you are trying to find discovery- which is planted in your own hands

A new day, new week, new month, a new year- are we closer to the microphone stand ?

A new day, new week, new month, a new year- have I developed myself into my own man?

A new day, new week, new month, a new year- does your stance symbol your own stand?



E.S.P. Interview on The P-Rice Show 12/4/13


Up and coming underground Emcee straight out of Southbridge, MA, Shane Presutti AKA E.S.P, will be making an appearance on the P-Rice show on Wednesday night December 4th. P-Rice will be conducting an interview with the determined emcee about his debut album release, his background in the underground hip-hop scene and his future plans to pursue in the game- along with a classic hip-hop soundtrack to welcome us and singles off of E.S.P’s new debut album.

E.S.P has collaborated with P-Rice on his latest release Million Dollar Dreams on the track “Applaud”…P-Rice has future plans to release a project with long time childhood friend, the two are producing together along with doing the vocals as well, the project is due sometime next year in 2014. Be sure to tune in, 12/4/13 for the interview with E.S.P on 89.5fm WSKB and or here Tunein.com and discover some new dope underground fire hip-hop music! Hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving..and we out!

A Morning with Professor Griff

A Morning with Professor Griff

If your wondering whose in this picture then you should probably have a lesson in some of the realest and most powerful hip-hop. Besides myself, P-Rice, on the left is the emcee, lecturer and head of the Security of the First World Professor Griff of Public Enemy. Professor Griff paid a visit to Westfield State to present a lecture on Black History with a side of hip-hop. A very knowledgeable, personal and real guy; Professor Griff educated us with new point of views, perspectives and facts within Black History that were new to me and also talked about the hip-hop industry in which we wish he could of talked more about but due to time- it was cut short.

To relate back to my last blog post when I was expressing my feelings about the music we played on our show and our hip-hop theme appealing to the masses- we were proved wrong the other day, in the sense that real old school hip-hop will never fade off the map. 20 years later and such groups like Public Enemy- still make noise, conversation and debate. Even if the airwaves are polluted with the sugar-pop rap music we hear now a days- this will be the only time will hear it- as real art and culture, live and last forever throughout the years.

Airwave Blues

If you are an artist, entertainer, public personality, radio DJ and or writer; you probably all can relate to the striving pain of building more of an audience. As a radio DJ and you could say artist and public personality- we have had our up’s and down’s with publicity for our show. I guess it is true when they say, “Here for one moment and gone the next”, in show business, because it seems you can have a great show one night and be on top of the world but by next week it is like all your hard work has been erased. The thoughts of dead air and deaf ears circulate your mind and you begin to think; is this another dream turned into a part-time hobby again or will maybe one day we will see a rainbow through the stormy clearings that welcome us our reward for paying dues. 

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“And grown men acting like teenagers….”

In our society sports seem to be one of the major forms of entertainment; especially if you are born and raised in the New England area. Riots have a risen from sports, cars have been tipped in celebration from home teams winning and the players in the game are over-paid and titled role models for our youth. As there has been many sport stars in the past that been accused or caught in the act of using steroids such as Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds, A-Rod and so goes on the never ending list; we also can’t forget the horrible incident back in the late 80’s when upcoming star Len Bias overdosed on Cocaine. So the main question is, are our healthy athletic sport players truly role models? Well after the Red Sox win of the World Series- you would think so- but lets take a look at what has been going on down in Miami with the Dolphins.

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From Your Heart….

As someone who has had a love and passion for telling stories and writing if there is one thing that I have learned with writing is that- the best writing is the writing that comes from the heart. The writing that expresses your inner emotions, feelings, beliefs and that is the kind of writing that will make a connection between you and your audience. The writing that expresses the struggles or feelings that we as humans all go through or can relate to or even the writing that not everyone can relate to but respect because of the expression in it.

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It is more than History; It is a Power Culture

“The Rhythm, the Rebel…from the rebel its final on black vinyl,”- as Chuck D. of Public Enemy would say if he was rehearsing the lyrics for his groups, Public Enemy, classic landmark song “Rebel Without a Pause”. You might even say Chuck D. has the perfect description for this genre of art, as it is “Soul, rock and roll coming like a rhino”- with the booming bass, catchy vibes and rebellious tendencies to speak their mind out in this genre of raw poetry- November is the Hip-Hop History Month.

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Young & Un-Known

If you have been following our blog for awhile then you probably already know that we have a passion for the music and arts. As a teenager in late middle school and throughout high school we spent hours writing and recording homemade tapes. Talk about some real underground music- we just made music for ourselves and enjoyment. We loved to write lyrical lyrics and keep the “real hip-hop” persona in full contact. Though we still write and host our own college radio show, we haven’t really been in the “funk lab” for awhile but looking back we are proud with some of our- you could say surprising accomplishments.

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