Your Risque DJ

Radio has advanced throughout the years in what DJ’s can and can’t say on air. Lets take Howard Stern and Don Imus as an example, back in the 80’s and 90’s, the two radio host have stirred up controversy by expressing their- at times- harsh, liberal minded opinions and perspectives. Howard Stern was never afraid to tell a caller off and have the biggest rise out of the callers response, Imus known for his stubborn cowboy look and persona and along time rival of Stern has proved that he isn’t afraid to state his opinions- especially when it comes to women sports. But lets, in all reality, not bring that back up again. As I look back I can’t believe as a little middle school student, at the time, I was watching such a talk show host and finding him entertaining- little did we know, exactly what he was talking about and how he was talking about it.

Besides DJ’s and Radio Host’s getting themselves the limelight for controversy with their ideas, expression and point of views; it isn’t just what you say on the air that can risky but it is also the music you play. As a DJ, we have to go through all the motions about the “7 Dirty Words” and what we can and can’t say on the air. The standard original “7 Dirty Words” that comedian George Carlin developed in 1972 are: Sh*t, P*ss, F*ck, C*nt, C*cksucker, Motherf*cker and last but never least t*ts. Now these are all lovely colorful words that can truly express the feelings of one, but they are considered highly inappropriate, rude, crude, degrading and offense- well if you feel this way, f*ck you too! And if you don’t have a sense of humor- you’re probably in pure shock of my outright violent speaking. Now being a Rap/Hip-Hop Radio DJ, you can probably imagine the process of what it is like to find CLEAN music to play on the radio. The P-Rice Show is nothing like Pebbles and Romero’s Morning Show on 94.5fm were not playing the same top 10 singles over and over again on replay; as a constant hip-hop and music listener I am always digging into new, un-heard, discovered, underground cult-classic musicians and albums. The P-Rice Show is truly the most underground and realest, music wise, hip-hop show you’ll ever hear on FM Radio.

When it comes to editing tracks for our show it does become a dilemma. Many of the tracks we play on The P-Rice Show don’t or never have had edited versions of them released. The sad part is that some of these songs, if not all in my opinion, are great tunes that don’t get the respect and credit as they should have. Many of the tunes on The P-Rice Show you might not recognize unless you are a daily hip-hop junky like myself; I feel that the media and music industry has really not supported the emergences of independent music as well as it should. Some can say, P-Rice how can you say that? After artists like Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller, who started off independent, blew up into mainstream artists millionaires! Well that is a true fact but another true fact is that there aren’t any major independent record labels anymore and that is what the problem is. How can smaller communities within a bigger community ever profit and build if there is no room for them? When major companies umbrella over all of the independent labels- taking away the freedom of creativity and the artistic natures of art.

The point of The P-Rice Show is to bring back the real creativeness in art. To support the independent labels and artists that never got the shine that they were suppose to. Introduce new ears to new, whether if it’s 20 years old, new material that never got the exposure it should of. The P-Rice Show has aired un-released, out of print, rare classic albums to giving airtime to artists from around the world such as Redd Emcee and all the artists under his compilations for Reddtune Productions and other local artist. Basically, what I am doing is giving the awards out to all the un-sung musicians within the rap/hip-hop genre, which is already a very competitive genre of music. When many people hear of a rapper or an emcee that they’ve never heard of- people have a tendency to be skeptical about the artists and first thought is, “this dudes probably wack, I ain’t never seen him or heard of him- he ain’t a baller”. Well that is exactly the wrong answer. In all reality, some of the most underground or un-heard artists will be some of the realest artists you’ll hear. The P-Rice Show gives the opportunity to expose our listeners to non-mainstream artists and or cult-classics that rarely or never get radio play; even if it’s the rawest material- your risqué DJ drops the bomb in no matter what shape and form as long as its funky!

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