HTML Horror’s

Just another day in the life of P-Rice, no complaints (really..), weather is beautiful and were sitting in our last class of the day. The day is almost over for many who work 9-5’s on the daily but for us college students, you could say our day is just beginning. Only yet..I forgot that it’s only Monday..

The last class of the day is Web Page & Design; which since I’ve signed up for the class I have been excited to experience  the course. So now the day has finally came, right? We’ve already topped the basics in the class and now we are dwindling our fingers into some HTML code. For growing up with technology and computers all around me- HTML, let me tell you- is nothing easy or entertaining to do. I think half of the fact is that since it is so tedious and repetitive, which makes it bland, over-time consuming, boring with that “I feel like my brain is rotting” feeling for after staring into a bunch of secret code “mumbo-jumbo” for the last hour- makes HTML code nothing easy.

We are now giving this time out to thank WordPress for handling the HTML for the blogs. We love to design sites and write but HTML is like the math of making websites. If I can regain my memory from the elementary school days…math homework was nothing fun and that is why I never established my journey to become a math teacher- same reason with HTML.


*Thoughts of P-Rice*