Europe: The Rebirth of G-Funk

Emerald green palm trees shadow over lowrider’s sitting on spinning 100 spokes. The smell of urbal fruits yet skunky aroma of  marijuana fills the air as the deep basslines and calming chords from keyboards and synthesizers beat into the surround sound of another claimed to be player in the streets. G-Funk, a sub-genre of Gangster Rap, blew up mainstream in the mid 1990’s with producers like Dr. Dre, DJ Quik, Cold 187 setting prime examples of the genre, G-Funk put rap music truly into the mainstream. Records from Warren G, 2pac, Eazy-E, Dr. Dre, DJ Quik & several other artists were going several times platinum with the new bad ass funky sound. As the late 90’s came in, the Southern rap/hip-hop scene began to become prevalent with acts like Master P (No Limit Records) and Cash Money Records the G-Funk era shortly died out. Though the genre of music was still heard in veterans of the genre and several Southern California rap artists have a lick in keeping the vibe to their modern records- G-Funk in the United States has seen better days.

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