The Real Walking Dead?…

Not if America doesn’t already have a big enough drug problem with prescription pain killers and the drug war happening South of the boarder. If you thought the drugs we had in our country were bad enough- and were not talking about smoking a little bit of ganja- imagine if you woke up feeling scaly and green and you had your friends screaming “cranky” like they were Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter? Well let me introduce you to Krokodil– a flesh eating drug that will tear you apart from the inside out. Originating out of areas like Russia and Ukraine, the drug Krokodil has made its way into the U.S. but the DEA doesn’t know how prevalent the use of the drug is in the states but according to Joliet Hospital in Illinois, “five people brought in who may have used Krokodil said they thought they were buying heroin”. So for the ones reading our blogpost, do you think Krokodil could be the new heroin in America? Do you think Krokodil, though with its potential dangers and harm and fatalities it can cause, will Krokodil ever become a drug problem in America? Also as a side note- for those into the entertainment/media industry- do you believe that shows like Breaking Bad expose the potential idea to audiences to experiment with hard amphetamines and or sell it? As it seems drugs in America are a popular topic in which we are exposed daily to drug content through music, movies and television. Feel free to leave comments and opinions along with checking out the Krokodil link for more information.

2 Contrasting Role Models- P-Rice Quote

“Ever since I’ve been growing up I was told by my elders on how education is so important but ever since I’ve been growing up society and media been telling me on how much money can get you power and comfortable living…and believe growing up in a generation where we’ve been exposed to “money-hungry” personalities and some with no education..I believe in life  it takes brains but at the end of the day its all about who has capitol gain..just as long as you making sense you can believe your making change”- words from brotha P-Rice