A Morning with Professor Griff

A Morning with Professor Griff

If your wondering whose in this picture then you should probably have a lesson in some of the realest and most powerful hip-hop. Besides myself, P-Rice, on the left is the emcee, lecturer and head of the Security of the First World Professor Griff of Public Enemy. Professor Griff paid a visit to Westfield State to present a lecture on Black History with a side of hip-hop. A very knowledgeable, personal and real guy; Professor Griff educated us with new point of views, perspectives and facts within Black History that were new to me and also talked about the hip-hop industry in which we wish he could of talked more about but due to time- it was cut short.

To relate back to my last blog post when I was expressing my feelings about the music we played on our show and our hip-hop theme appealing to the masses- we were proved wrong the other day, in the sense that real old school hip-hop will never fade off the map. 20 years later and such groups like Public Enemy- still make noise, conversation and debate. Even if the airwaves are polluted with the sugar-pop rap music we hear now a days- this will be the only time will hear it- as real art and culture, live and last forever throughout the years.

It is more than History; It is a Power Culture

“The Rhythm, the Rebel…from the rebel its final on black vinyl,”- as Chuck D. of Public Enemy would say if he was rehearsing the lyrics for his groups, Public Enemy, classic landmark song “Rebel Without a Pause”. You might even say Chuck D. has the perfect description for this genre of art, as it is “Soul, rock and roll coming like a rhino”- with the booming bass, catchy vibes and rebellious tendencies to speak their mind out in this genre of raw poetry- November is the Hip-Hop History Month.

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