The Real Walking Dead?…

Not if America doesn’t already have a big enough drug problem with prescription pain killers and the drug war happening South of the boarder. If you thought the drugs we had in our country were bad enough- and were not talking about smoking a little bit of ganja- imagine if you woke up feeling scaly and green and you had your friends screaming “cranky” like they were Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter? Well let me introduce you to Krokodil– a flesh eating drug that will tear you apart from the inside out. Originating out of areas like Russia and Ukraine, the drug Krokodil has made its way into the U.S. but the DEA doesn’t know how prevalent the use of the drug is in the states but according to Joliet Hospital in Illinois, “five people brought in who may have used Krokodil said they thought they were buying heroin”. So for the ones reading our blogpost, do you think Krokodil could be the new heroin in America? Do you think Krokodil, though with its potential dangers and harm and fatalities it can cause, will Krokodil ever become a drug problem in America? Also as a side note- for those into the entertainment/media industry- do you believe that shows like Breaking Bad expose the potential idea to audiences to experiment with hard amphetamines and or sell it? As it seems drugs in America are a popular topic in which we are exposed daily to drug content through music, movies and television. Feel free to leave comments and opinions along with checking out the Krokodil link for more information.

The 20 Year Overnight Success: Interview with Michael Wallace

Very interesting interview with indie writer and author Michael Wallace, hosted by David Gaughran, about Wallace’s success as an independent author who has released several novels through the Amazon e-book services. This is an inspiring interview because it exposes the truth in being an independent writer- it takes a lot of work to maintain a well-structured fan base but the hard work does pay off if you do it correctly with a little bit of luck. This interview along with others with Michael Wallace are full of knowledgeable information about being an independent writer, the marketing and industry behind it. If you are a striving artist like myself who is open minded to being involved with many genre’s of writing (like Michael Wallace) or even if your a writer in general- you may find this interview influential, knowledgeable and interesting.

The P-Rice Show Freestyle 10/2/13

If you missed our show 3 weeks ago, no fear we have a video of P-Rice’s intense freestyle live on air, right off the top of the head- legit. P-Rice’s posse came through with anticipation to see a “Live on Air Rap Battle” but P-Rice’s opponent entitled “No Show Smo Jo” obviously by the name you can tell…became a no show..but the posse wasn’t going to have P-Rice do a show without a freestyle or two.

The P-Rice Show: Back From New York

Want to hear some classic and rare underground rap/hip-hop tonight? Want to hear some of P-Rice’s tales in New York City? Want to enjoy a good radio show? Well tune in tonight and or every Wednesday Night 6-8pm 89.5fm WSKB or if your not in the Western Masses tune here: 

Didn’t Get the Memo

The city that never sleeps, the Big Apple- New York City– a concrete jungle itself but behind the towering skyscrapers is an ocean of diversity, everyday people chasing their dreams and of course the critics who creep through the pesticide of positivity from others in hope to ruin their visions of success. New York City has so much to offer for starving artists, entertainers, radio DJ’s and business affiliates even with events like the College Music Journalism Fest, AKA CMJ Fest, is when underground artists from all around or artists trying to get exposure in the music industry perform for a week at venues all throughout Brooklyn such like the Knitting Factory and a few venues in Manhattan as well; giving opportunities for artists, DJ’s, journalist, record labels to promote and advertise their label and music to a broad mass of audience.

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Our Slept-On Favorite G-Funk Album’s

File:The dead has arisen.jpg

1. The Dead Has Arisen-Lil’ Half Dead. Half Dead’s 1994 debut album is full of slept-on G-Funk production. The lyrics are elementary at times and only resembled the everyday “hood life” in South Central LA during the mid 90’s; the everyday struggle of selling narcotics in the midst of Urban America’s violent crack epidemic laced with smooth, classy, rich, lazy funk and soul production is what can represents Half Dead’s debut. What makes his album enjoyable to listen to is mainly the excellent production and the laid back flow that Half Dead has accomplished in making catchy with the “cliche” slang of a Westcoast Gangster. The album when released peaked #39 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and #17 on the Top Heatseekers; since it’s release and out of print (physical copy wise) Lil’ Half Dead’s The Dead Has Risen has become a cult-classic with G-Funk fans along with his second release Steel on a Mission.

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Where Does it All Lead?

Where Does it All Lead?

I remember when growing up as a young child I always wanted to be older. I was eager to succeed in my big dreams I’ve had ever since I could remember; and it was frustrating when I was a child sitting in a classroom for math class dwelling on my ideas feeling like I was going nowhere in life. Now as a young adult I’ve came to realize that all the wasted time in math class was a test and paying dues to grant me the wishes and opportunities for what I’d like to do in life. The journey to your dreams is like a river in the sense, where do some major rivers lead to? The ocean. When I finally accomplish everything I have to; my river will lead me out to my sea of dreams and that is only the beginning.

The Daily Motions.

The Daily Motions.

Life is like a flowing river in which at times it is hard to keep afloat on. With all the rocks, beaver damns and other obstacles in your way; sometimes you just want to let go and drown into the mist of it all. Along with everything else in life, life goes on as well and there is always change ahead. Life is like a rushing stream that runs through the Berkshires with its up and downs, smooth and rough- but at the end of the day the water is all leading to the same place. At the end of the day- there is no need to worry- as long as you stay on course in the direction you would like to go in like the way a river does.

“If you follow …

“If you follow and live by the rules, with what’s right and what’s wrong in life, you’ll live a life full of mysteries and questions lost within the shadows of others..but if you break out of the rules every so often in life you will discover the answers for some of your questions and you’ll discover your own shadow in life and be on a whole other level…some conform to society well others conform to discovery- no risks, no change”- P-Rice

Sometimes it takes a combination of risks and thinking out of the box to do some true discovery in life..

Still Spittin’ Game

Now the rap and hip-hop game is infamous for setting trends that come and go like with dances and clothes and the hollers and “ohhhs!” You never quite know what the next big “sensation” is going to be in the game; who remembers and expected that when Soulja Boy’s “Crank That” came out it would become the number one hit 6 years ago? Can’t believe “Crank That” came out 6 years ago and let me tell you for a real hip-hop head like myself it has been 6 years forgotten.

Some trendsetter’s though in the rap and hip-hop world, whether alive or not, still have influence with style, slang in the game. One of the main men in rap behind this would have to be the Godfather of Gangster Rap- the Hip-Hop Thugsta- Eazy “Eric Wright” E. Since N.W.A exploded out of Southern California in the late 80’s with Straight Outta Compton; it is like the rap industry decided that what N.W.A did in the game, which made the group extremely successful, was the route that every other rap artist should go. That is when the album shelves became polluted with a bunch of spin off groups, duplicate copy cats wearing black locs and hats; many just came and went which always reminds me of the “adult industry”. When some of these players in the game can’t keep up the same stamina as before- the industry doesn’t want them anymore. Maybe the whole entertainment industry is like that- it is all about numbers and the right looks, right? As an artist this can be difficult, as we’ve dabbled in and out of the music scene for a bit, but success comes in many shades and also at different times in life.

One westcoast legend that Still Spittin’ Game, Jerry B. Long AKA Kokane,  has been in the game since the late 80’s and made some noise in the early and mid 90’s with Above the Law. After the prime days of Ruthless it seemed as the Westcoast legends were just left to do for self and some even, you could say with no disrespect, fell off in the game as the times kept changing. The South came up in the rap/hip-hop scene in the late 90’s and dominated throughout the new millennium. Yet, Kokane still remains strong throughout the years and representing the Ruthless legacy more than ever. In my opinion, Kokane has even elevated his game from what it use to be and still hits bullseye with classy westcoast production- though we would enjoy some of Cold 187’s G-Funk production once in awhile- it’s all good though cause Kokane “Stay(s) Winning” and never left his “Black Mafia” roots- remaining his spot to be still “Above the Law”.