Back in the Day

The steaming hot water flowed throughout the pipes of the house leading to its final destination- the shower head. The 100 degree water exploded out of the shower head and rained against the floor of the shower. In the distance I am tucked away underneath some of the warmest blankets in the world, still in a quiet mindset and hazey state. Still recollecting my dreams from the night before or if I am still dreaming; I can’t seem to figure this out until I hear the thundering knocks at my bedroom door. My heartbeat is racing, my eyes wide as an Owl, tremors throughout my body with a touch of morning wood- it was bound to happen- “Patrick! Time to get up!” said a demanding tone- words that broke the silence of pure ecstasy…it was time to get ready for school.

It wasn’t like any other morning though. I hopped out of bed full of excitement and determination. I made up for all the mornings I lied telling my parents I was only going to take a “quick 5 minute shower” and was out the door before my mother could pack me a last minute lunch. My backpack wasn’t vacant enough to hold a little brown bag that would hold a crushed sandwich and a too ripe banana; reason being I was packing heat. Straight lyrical heat.

January 16th, 2010 was the day I was releasing my 4th major tape out to the public. 17 tracks, all written and recorded from me P-Rice. I was about make even more of a “house-hold” name for myself within my hometown. I had flyers I produced all throughout my high school, advertisements on classroom whiteboards- I was hustling hard at a young age because I enjoyed entertaining others. My 4th release in sales made over $400+ within my own hometown. I look back, listening to my old tapes, in which my 4th release had over 100’s of samples on it…it could remind you of a really old school record like the Beastie Boys with the use of several samples (whether they were done justice is another topic). I laugh at some of my old records because I’ve advanced in my talent, writing, ideas and found other avenues along the way and my music past is something that will always be a part of my childhood and me as a person. The P-Rice persona is still raging, front paging, ain’t nothing changing…question is what do the people see in the future of hip-hop? It is an addicting genre of music if you get into the melodies, hooks and slick flows- but like anything that is that addicting will the rap game ever burn out?