Daily Prompt: Expect the Unexpected


When I heard the news that autumn day

I couldn’t believe it- lost of words I didn’t know what to say

I wish life was like a movie- so reality I could eject it

Mama told me there would be days- Expect the Unexpected

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Daily Prompt: Fear



Daily Prompt: Fear (The Un-Known)

An un-known force is moving in close and near

Makes you begin to think that there’s ghost in here

But it’s stronger and has the ability to host your fear

Minutes counting down, your writing this post in tears

What is it? That dark force? We can’t be like who knows or who cares

You begin to feel week from your hands all the way down to your knees

But you continue to fight it and finish the last words that your pen bleed

Blood stops in your veins, flashbacks; revealed the forgotten life you lead

Large portions of distortion and corruption lead you to; this is a devils deed

Like you’ve been gone, bed full of dead roses awaits you for your last sleep

As if we have no choice, the man decides whenever and whoever he’d like to reap

But we would like to thank him, for taking our soul from the world in such discreet

By: Patrick “P-Rice” Rice


If you know the fear, please feel free to comment below and let us know what you thought the “fear” we were writing about

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Daily Prompt: To Boldly Go and Take the Stand



The grey loneliness of the long winter slowly approaches

What fills the gravely skies- dark clouds colored like Roaches

Our atmosphere shivers- as snow collects on our porches

Only way we stay warm- is remaining inside our fortress

It’s the last days- and change is far from being on the shortlist

It’s the last days- sometimes our missions- we want to abort this

But- we must stand tall like the snow banks- take our dreams and move forth with

Like soldiers in a battlefield, fighting for success, it is ok to have internal war with

Yourself; when you are trying to find discovery- which is planted in your own hands

A new day, new week, new month, a new year- are we closer to the microphone stand ?

A new day, new week, new month, a new year- have I developed myself into my own man?

A new day, new week, new month, a new year- does your stance symbol your own stand?



From Your Heart….

As someone who has had a love and passion for telling stories and writing if there is one thing that I have learned with writing is that- the best writing is the writing that comes from the heart. The writing that expresses your inner emotions, feelings, beliefs and that is the kind of writing that will make a connection between you and your audience. The writing that expresses the struggles or feelings that we as humans all go through or can relate to or even the writing that not everyone can relate to but respect because of the expression in it.

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Hard to Believe….

2010 High School Coffee House Performance

2010 High School Coffee House Performance

Ever since a little kid I always enjoyed telling stories or coming up with creative ideas. I enjoyed entertaining, I loved movies and music and creating has always been a part of my life. As a child growing up and putting myself in the public eye within my class peers- you can believe I was exposed to many different opinions and perspectives towards me- As wouldn’t anyone else who puts themselves or are in the spotlight for the public eye, right?

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P-Rice (About to) Do New York City

Life can offer so many opportunities and so can being a DJ. As being a radio DJ for my college radio station hosting the known rap/hip-hop P-Rice Show on 89.5fm WSKB; I love working with music and have dreams to work within the entertainment industry; now I have the opportunity to visit New York City, let alone visiting the Big Apple I will be staying in New York for a whole entire week. I have only visited New York City once and it was a day trip in which I could barely grasp the full experience within a New York minute- so now were back at it to have the “real deal” experience.

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The Daily Motions.

The Daily Motions.

Life is like a flowing river in which at times it is hard to keep afloat on. With all the rocks, beaver damns and other obstacles in your way; sometimes you just want to let go and drown into the mist of it all. Along with everything else in life, life goes on as well and there is always change ahead. Life is like a rushing stream that runs through the Berkshires with its up and downs, smooth and rough- but at the end of the day the water is all leading to the same place. At the end of the day- there is no need to worry- as long as you stay on course in the direction you would like to go in like the way a river does.

“If you follow …

“If you follow and live by the rules, with what’s right and what’s wrong in life, you’ll live a life full of mysteries and questions lost within the shadows of others..but if you break out of the rules every so often in life you will discover the answers for some of your questions and you’ll discover your own shadow in life and be on a whole other level…some conform to society well others conform to discovery- no risks, no change”- P-Rice

Sometimes it takes a combination of risks and thinking out of the box to do some true discovery in life..

Family Disease

I still remember the call I received that early evening late September 2012. The school semester was young and the seasons were changing- but little did I know it just wasn’t the seasons changing last fall but also the way my family would live was about to change. My family, as a whole, was about to be hit by the new century “black plague” and see life in a completely different perspective.

In the weeks prior my father called me about taking my mother into the hospital because she was complaining about severe pain and was extremely uncomfortable. Nobody knew why she didn’t feel good, she didn’t know why she didn’t feel good- not even after the first day at the hospital did the doctors know why she wasn’t feeling good. When I was told this news, I thought it was a no-brainer, that something was unusually wrong and I mentally prepared myself for the worst scenario. At the same time I remained positive but deep down inside I knew that something wasn’t right; if my mother was just sick with a little bug or a virus or even something else- I still don’t think it would of taking the doctors that long to figure out what was up.

A few weeks later after the first initial call, life goes on and the school semester is starting to go into full swing. Around the same time in the evening as the last call was- I notice I am getting a call from my father. I pick up the phone and conversation is typical; with “how was your day?”, “what are you doing tonight?”, “staying out of trouble?” and the usual “when are you coming home next?” Puppy dog dad always lonely when I’m off at school but this time it was to a new extent. My father kept asking me “when can I come home?’ and when I asked for a reason why he seemed to not be sure exactly why. When I would demand for more information in how my mother was and what the doctors knew, my father didn’t exactly know– following up with another excuse for me to “come home and do yardwork”- that is when I finally told my father, “just tell me what you know about mom! You can’t just call someone up and lead them on like this” and that is what broke the ice to my father exposing the true situation with my mom. It was the horrid truth that none of us wanted to admit, my mom was being held hostage by Stage 4 Colon Cancer.  He originally didn’t want to tell me on the phone and wanted to tell me in person along with being in a “home/family environment”- but the tension was too elevated and emotions got the best of us.

Immediately after hearing the dreadful news, my father made plans to come up the next day and have a father and son dinner to talk. We went to a local pub down the street from my school and I still remember having Chicken Parmesan sitting at a little table in the corner of the pub which was lightly dimmed. We talked about life and what the doctors and my dad knew so far- which really wasn’t much at all because test were still being done and it was too early to tell exactly what direction my mom would be going in with her health.

After dinner my father and I cruised through the rolling hills of the Berkshire, it was around late September/Early October, the autumn foliage was blossoming and the sun was setting earlier than before adding colorful complexion of clouds that stretched throughout the sky. From the feelings of late summer to early fall- the seasons change- trees loose their leaves and the sun cycle switches- fall- a time for change…and that is exactly what it was.

Though this time of change came without invitation; doesn’t a majority of change come invited?  Reason being because a lot of people aren’t willing to accept change but change can be good even if it’s horrible. My mother falling ill to cancer doesn’t only affect her but also affects the whole family- it is a family disease. Immediately my mother had to change her ways of living from eating to almost everything else; my siblings and I began to become at peace with each other more often and help out a lot more around the house. My father had to really hustle hard and put his part in as a father and a mother because my mother couldn’t put in as much as she use to be able to. I could tell and the stress was at times getting to my dad; he had his own responsibilities on top of taking care of his own children and now his loving wife. Life is hard.

and Life isn’t easy is something I was always told from my parents. I was always told you have to work hard in life and nothing is handed to you. Through all the struggle and hardship my family has gone through over this one year of my mother being sick; we’ve learned a lot about life and that it is indeed good to experience pain and struggle early in life. Those who are young going through life as if life is a “breeze” without any hardships miss out the struggles and hardships in life that make you a stronger being and person; which actually expands and opens your mind to new perspectives and understandings in life. Experiences. Experiences help form a young adult into a full on adult and I have to say before my mother got sick I took life for granted. I realized that my family and I had it good and learned to be more grateful in life and if I really want to dwell and be pathetic I wish at times my family and I didn’t argue as much before my mother got sick. I knew at times I drove my parents and siblings crazy, but doesn’t that happen in every family? Little did we know the summer before my mother got sick, she was in the process of getting sick, and it probably didn’t help the time when my younger brother and I were caught by my mother sneaking out to smoke cigars by the beach. My mother was so upset at us because she thought I was setting a bad example and she was an ex-smoker herself. A month later she is sick with cancer, makes me wonder, if all those years of cigarettes had something to do with her getting sick or added on with other factors. It’s times like that that I wish I didn’t take life for granted and listened to my mother and didn’t do activities that would worry or irritate her…but we live and we learn.

Cancer, it is a family disease. Cancer, it really reveals who in your family will be there for you in the end. Cancer, it can bring together and break apart family. The best way to cope with a love one suffering or struggling with the disease is to always think positive- you have to keep reality in your mindset though- but always be supportive, loving, caring and there for the love ones in need. Along with the support towards the victim of the disease you also have to continue with your daily life and activities. I remember when my mother was newly confirmed with cancer I always felt the need to be by her side; but the best piece of advice my father gave me was to- keep going with your everyday life and responsibilities- still be there for your mother but don’t get caught up and stop everything because there will be a time in which you will really need to be by her side. Hopefully that day is long and far from now and that one day my own mother will see me grow up and have a family.

Like we said in the post before this, “life is what you make it”.

Dreams to Reality or Reality to Dreams

As a kid growing up I was always told to “cast your inspirations out to the universe”, as my dad would say, and forever that quote has stuck along with me for 20 years. The reason why I keep that quote close to heart is because I believe that anything in this world that you want, you can have. I believe that if you work hard on your inspirations with two fist-full of determination and give everything you’ve got- you can make things happen- but it comes to a point in life, mostly when your coming of age, when you have to separate realistic from un-realisitc and realize what you can pursue.

For the longest time in my childhood I always wanted to be a big named movie director. I loved the Spielberg classics and if it wasn’t for my dad showing me flicks like “Jaws, “Jurassic Park”, “E.T.” and so on at such a young age- I honestly don’t know if I would have the same passion for the entertainment business as I do now. Watching the classics like “Jaws” made me hungrier to write, inspired me to be a photo copy and try to duplicate “Jaws” with my own homemade shark movies (and please if any of you saw them you’d probably die cause you would laugh so hard..but my friends and I can’t complain we had fun making them). 

Well as time went on and “children getting older” like Fleetwood Mac would say; I was becoming a teenager and into a young adult and I was far deep into the “game” of rap and hip-hop. I have always had a enjoyment and passion for music since back in the day, my dad and I would be listening to Elvis Presley and The Blues Brothers soundtrack on an early Sunday morning before soccer practice or well were driving into Roxbury to get a haircut from the best Italian barber (though were both Irish). With my interest and honestly I would say “love” for music- I dug further into the music genres and I’ve always enjoyed writing and that is when hip-hop came into place. The first hip-hop CD I ever had was the “Space Jam” soundtrack which had much play from my cousins and I back in the late 90’s; but it wasn’t until when I was in late middle school when the hip-hop hobby started getting more serious. I began to release homemade tapes and the first few were absolutely horrible but throughout the years we’ve progressed into what we are now- a stunning radio DJ/Host who still will whoop your ass in a freestyle- but now we are leading into when I had to realize what were realistic dreams and what were un-realistic dreams (well at least for now).

As a kid elders, teachers and loved ones always tell you that you can do anything you want and that the world is yours but then there comes a point in which you have to come to realize that not all dreams are possible to pursue during certain times of your life. There are those that some who have that percent of luck on their side to be set for life; but many have to figure and discover other avenues that indeed still lead and connect to your passions in life. 

As a very inspired youth- I have always had big expectations for a lot of things- but it wasn’t until college in which I discovered many other avenues that relate to my dreams and I even learned a little bit more about myself. Maybe I’m more of a advertiser/business man than an entertainer or maybe more of a hypeman or lyricist than a rapper or more of a poet and emcee than a gourmet chef? Who knows? To myself I think I’m a jack of all trades; but in all reality I’m not going to be in Hollywood anytime soon or ever to keep it real. For all my readers reading this the question is: do you know who you are? do you know your identity and what direction you want to go in? The message is never give up and if you have a talent stick with it and develop it into many other things and you will discover that maybe your dreams will come true one day in a way you would of never thought of. 


– Life is good as long as you got your health and your loved ones by your side.