Daily Prompt: Keeping Up with the Jones’s..”Lavish”


Daily Prompt: Keeping Up with the Jones’s..”Lavish”

We live in a materialistic Society

where  material items can define me

Put me on a shelve- mind as well buy me

You see the outside, but not the inside me

It seems like all my neighbors play the game to keep up with the Jones’s

Nice lawn, new car- feel like the government asking, “you own this?”

Loose a material item, replace it, loose a child, ha but you can’t clone kids

Even if you have the money do you need all the clothes and newest iphone 6

Probably not, so think about it, instead of spending you could be saving

but does it matter? You can’t take none of it when you’ve approached Rest Haven

By: Patrick “P-Rice” Rice, based off our song “Lavish”, and if you enjoy our work support our page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/P-Rice/51151174081 Image