Young & Un-Known

If you have been following our blog for awhile then you probably already know that we have a passion for the music and arts. As a teenager in late middle school and throughout high school we spent hours writing and recording homemade tapes. Talk about some real underground music- we just made music for ourselves and enjoyment. We loved to write lyrical lyrics and keep the “real hip-hop” persona in full contact. Though we still write and host our own college radio show, we haven’t really been in the “funk lab” for awhile but looking back we are proud with some of our- you could say surprising accomplishments.

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Where Does it All Lead?

Where Does it All Lead?

I remember when growing up as a young child I always wanted to be older. I was eager to succeed in my big dreams I’ve had ever since I could remember; and it was frustrating when I was a child sitting in a classroom for math class dwelling on my ideas feeling like I was going nowhere in life. Now as a young adult I’ve came to realize that all the wasted time in math class was a test and paying dues to grant me the wishes and opportunities for what I’d like to do in life. The journey to your dreams is like a river in the sense, where do some major rivers lead to? The ocean. When I finally accomplish everything I have to; my river will lead me out to my sea of dreams and that is only the beginning.

Dreams to Reality or Reality to Dreams

As a kid growing up I was always told to “cast your inspirations out to the universe”, as my dad would say, and forever that quote has stuck along with me for 20 years. The reason why I keep that quote close to heart is because I believe that anything in this world that you want, you can have. I believe that if you work hard on your inspirations with two fist-full of determination and give everything you’ve got- you can make things happen- but it comes to a point in life, mostly when your coming of age, when you have to separate realistic from un-realisitc and realize what you can pursue.

For the longest time in my childhood I always wanted to be a big named movie director. I loved the Spielberg classics and if it wasn’t for my dad showing me flicks like “Jaws, “Jurassic Park”, “E.T.” and so on at such a young age- I honestly don’t know if I would have the same passion for the entertainment business as I do now. Watching the classics like “Jaws” made me hungrier to write, inspired me to be a photo copy and try to duplicate “Jaws” with my own homemade shark movies (and please if any of you saw them you’d probably die cause you would laugh so hard..but my friends and I can’t complain we had fun making them). 

Well as time went on and “children getting older” like Fleetwood Mac would say; I was becoming a teenager and into a young adult and I was far deep into the “game” of rap and hip-hop. I have always had a enjoyment and passion for music since back in the day, my dad and I would be listening to Elvis Presley and The Blues Brothers soundtrack on an early Sunday morning before soccer practice or well were driving into Roxbury to get a haircut from the best Italian barber (though were both Irish). With my interest and honestly I would say “love” for music- I dug further into the music genres and I’ve always enjoyed writing and that is when hip-hop came into place. The first hip-hop CD I ever had was the “Space Jam” soundtrack which had much play from my cousins and I back in the late 90’s; but it wasn’t until when I was in late middle school when the hip-hop hobby started getting more serious. I began to release homemade tapes and the first few were absolutely horrible but throughout the years we’ve progressed into what we are now- a stunning radio DJ/Host who still will whoop your ass in a freestyle- but now we are leading into when I had to realize what were realistic dreams and what were un-realistic dreams (well at least for now).

As a kid elders, teachers and loved ones always tell you that you can do anything you want and that the world is yours but then there comes a point in which you have to come to realize that not all dreams are possible to pursue during certain times of your life. There are those that some who have that percent of luck on their side to be set for life; but many have to figure and discover other avenues that indeed still lead and connect to your passions in life. 

As a very inspired youth- I have always had big expectations for a lot of things- but it wasn’t until college in which I discovered many other avenues that relate to my dreams and I even learned a little bit more about myself. Maybe I’m more of a advertiser/business man than an entertainer or maybe more of a hypeman or lyricist than a rapper or more of a poet and emcee than a gourmet chef? Who knows? To myself I think I’m a jack of all trades; but in all reality I’m not going to be in Hollywood anytime soon or ever to keep it real. For all my readers reading this the question is: do you know who you are? do you know your identity and what direction you want to go in? The message is never give up and if you have a talent stick with it and develop it into many other things and you will discover that maybe your dreams will come true one day in a way you would of never thought of. 


– Life is good as long as you got your health and your loved ones by your side.