Daily Prompt: Tattoo’s the Diverse Art



The art that can be seen on all different complexions

The art that can symbolize and represent your section

The dark art that leaves you marked- leaves reflection

The art, done so well, adds a unique twist to Perfection

The art that intertwines codes, culture and ways of expression

The art that tells stories, sends condolences, even confessions

Some wear the art up and down, like it’s their profession

New art with the right touch, will make you look fresher then..

Old art with a few pounds, you’ll start fading & stretching them

But besides all the explaining, my only and last question then..

Do you have a favorite tattoo from yours to your bestfriends ink?

By: Patrick “P-Rice” Rice 


Leave as a comment below and let us know what your favorite tattoo is, from your own to your friends or maybe one you’ve even seen. Also who do you think, known celebrities to un-known, have the best tattoo’s? If you would like please feel free to post photos as well to show…

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