Lawtown’s Up & Coming R&B Queen

Red Pages is an up and coming R&B sensation out of Lawrence, MA AKA Law-Town.

Her family has had a history of being involved with the music industry since the 90’s. Scientifik (R.I.P.) her older brother created the “Law-Town” anthem produced by Boston underground hip-hop legend Edo G. With hard hitting lyrics about life in the Law-Town streets to classic eastcoast boom-bap production- Scientifik made his mark in the MA underground hip-hop scene.

His younger sister, Red Pages, is now fulfilling her passion in music and grasping the mic again to succeed in the upcoming year. Though Red takes a different approach towards the music with her R&B/hip-hop flavor. Her soulful vocals can be heard dressing jazzy 70’s inspired like production on tracks like “Love” featuring emcee Patrick Starr to her catchy flows on “Better Back Then”; Red Pages proves as an upcoming threat to any other R&B divas in the region. The catch though- is that Red Pages reap the passion of real hip-hop in her soul as she leaves her emotions to explain it all on the page- with her upcoming release “Leave it on the Page” coming this Spring 2015.

You can check out Red Pages music at:

Check out the interview with Red Pages on the P-Rice Show: All 2 parts can be found on YouTube. 

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