Canada’s Latest Rising Star- JKenny of Ugly as Sin Interview Hosted By: P-Rice





Way out in Nova Scotia comes a talented emcee who reigns the hip-hop game out in Canada with his raunchy but funky explicit melodies laced with dope old school production. JKenny has been able to collaborate with some of Canada’s finest emcees such as Ghetto Socks and J-Bru. With a debut entitled “Sexual Tones ‘n Explicit Lyrics” and an upcoming duo album with Axe Ruler under the name Ugly As Sin JKenny is an emcee to keep your eye on. He will be sure to have you pressing the play back.

Interview was done 11/12/14

Questions Asked By: P-Rice

P-Rice: For those who may not know exactly who you are, give a quick introduction of yourself.

JKenny: I’m 1/2 of “Ugly as Sin” a new hip-hop group out of the east coast, myself being from Nova Scotia and Axe ruler originally being from Prince Edward Island.

P-Rice: At what age did you get involved with hip-hop music?

JKenny: . I first started getting into hip-hop when I was 10, I believe the first thing I ever heard to really get me into it was the song “Right Now” by John Cena while I was watching Monday Night Raw hahahaha. I was such a 50 cent fan back then, before I really was interested in wordplay and hearing something really intricate and intelligent, I used to love things like “young joc” and “rich boy”, not the proudest moments of my life, but that’s what got me into what I love now.

P-Rice: Who are some of your inspirations/influences?

JKenny: I would say my biggest inspiration when I was growing up was Classified, not that he’s my favorite rapper in anyway, or even near my top 30, but for someone to be coming from Nova Scotia, and a place like Enfield at that, just a small stick town, really made me believe that I could achieve that as well. Also artists like J-Bru, Ghettosocks and Wordburgler (all Canadian artists) were really my shit growing up.

P-Rice: How was the Nova Scotia hip-hop scene or the Canadian hip-hop scene in general?

JKenny: . How was the Canadian scene when I was first starting to get into music? I don’t think the Canadian scene has ever been extremely great for hip-hop music, it’s not hard to tell that the majority of “Top” artists are out of the states, with the exception of Drake. Of course there’s dudes like madchild (swollen members), K-os, Maestro Fresh Wes, Kardinal offishall, R.A. the Rugged man, Buck 65 and most recently SonReal has been seeing some success, but no one’s really been able to cross the line like Drake has.

P-Rice: Do you record in a home studio or outside studio?

JKenny: If I’m just recording a rough copy of something, we do it at the home studio, and by home studio I mean Cj’s bedroom haha nothing to fancy but it work. Cj (Co-Founder of Glory Versus Failure) also works at Compact Audio in Dartmouth, NS a really nice place to hang out and record, just a studio with a nice atmosphere, so that’s where we go if we’re really working on a project.

P-Rice: You’ve recently released your debut ‘Sexual Tones ‘n Explicit Lyrics’, tell us the background idea of the debut?

JKenny: Honestly, I didn’t put as much time and effort into that first release as I should of. The whole album was written in the span of about 4 months and just completely rushed, but that’s a big mistake I’ve definitely learned from. “Sexual Tones N Explicit Lyrics” is just really my style, I love getting raunchy with it, I’ve always had love for artists like Bizarre, Ludacris and Lil Kim (just to name a few), people who get explicitly sexual and dirty with it.


P-Rice: Who were some of the producers you worked with for ‘Sexual Tones ‘n Explicit Lyrics’?

JKenny: My partner in Ugly as Sin, A.R. aka Axe Ruler did most of the beats for the album, I had a couple tracks done by a producer name Petey Punch and a good friend of mine Kyle Creemer aka Cream of Beats did the Intro for the album.

P-Rice: I know you have the Canadian hip-hop veterans Ghettosocks and J-Bru on the debut- tell us about how that all went down?

JKenny: It was actually a childhood dream of mine to work with both J-Bru and Ghettosocks, so to have them both actually on the album was incredible for me. I really just connected with them both through facebook, threw some beats at them and we went from there. I never spent any time in the studio with either of them, but it was still golden to me to be able to have those veterans on my debut album, even if I didn’t like the album as a whole so much haha The song I did with Ghettosocks, “Twisted”, is still my favorite I’ve recorded so far. When socks says “She can get it at the mini-putt, in a mini skirt, dead, sober, or liquored up” that shit just gets me every time.

P-Rice: Do you have any ideas for upcoming solo projects? If so, what do you have planned so far?

JKenny: I’m currently working on a solo mixtape, no title on it yet. I’m trying to get beats from every member of our Glory Versus Failure team for this project, I think out of the 8 of us, I’m the only one who can’t make beats haha You can expect to see a whole lot of features on the tape, hopefully a couple bigger artists, but mostly just GVF members and some other local rappers. Cj Lohnes will be mixing and mastering it of course, so you can expect it to sound beautiful.

P-Rice: Now you’re the second half of the group Ugly As Sin with emcee A.R.- tell us how you guys came together?

JKenny: After Axe did the beats for my first album, I really wanted to start working with him more. I forgot who first said that we should form as a group, but it was a pretty mutual decision. I honestly don’t think there’s a better rapper/producer combo from the Maritimes, besides maybe classified. But even Classified can’t touch axe’s references and wordplay, this guy so old school it’s refreshing as hell to me. He really deserves a lot more recognition than he gets, he currently has an album set to drop very soon, “Augment Reality”, which is just absolutely incredible, DO NOT MISS IT.

P-Rice: What is the name of the upcoming debut from Ugly as Sin? And what can the fans and people expect?

JKenny: The album is still untitled, we’re still going through beats and reaching out too other artists to get on. You can expect some next level music though and crazy nice production, that’s all I’ll say for now haha

P-Rice: Who are some of the producers you are working with for the Ugly As Sin debut?

JKenny: . I think for our album, it’s going to be all Axe Ruler Produced, mix and mastered by the boss Cj Lohnes. We are in the very early stages for the album, so I really couldn’t be 100% at this point.

P-Rice: Tell us about the two singles for the debut, “Bars (My Balls)” and “Brush Me Off” featuring Canadian hip-hop veteran Moka Only?

JKenny: “Bars (My Balls)” im not sure if that’s going to be making the album, I love that track, and K-Flow (PEI Artist) kills it as well but we really want some other level shit for the album, “Brush Me Off” will be appearing on axe’s Augment Reality album. Too be able to spit a verse and do the chorus on the same song Moka Only was featured on was an amazing feeling for me, he’s another one of those Canadian Legends you dream of working with.

P-Rice: After the release, what are some future plans for Ugly As Sin?

JKenny: We really just want to keep on making music, and hopefully make a profit doing it haha Sticking with our team at Glory Versus Failure, so many talented artists on our roster.

P-Rice: Do you have any upcoming performances?

JKenny: Decemeber 6th you can catch me and a couple other GVF members, Cj and T-stu and Jacobs Lounge in Dartmouth.

P-Rice: Do you have any last words and advice for aspiring emcees and artists alike?

JKenny: Don’t ever rush putting your music out, and find yourself a team of loyal fellas you can make beautiful music with. Glory Versus Failure, biiiitch!

P-Rice: Aey thanks man I appreciate you taking out time for the interview, were looking forward the Ugly As Sin debut and more music coming from our Canadian connect! Straight up, until next time- 1 love!


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