Upcoming Indepedent Music Star Sammie Israel Interview Hosted By: P-Rice

Representing the “Creative Eloheem” with the Israel at the end of his name, Sammie Israel, is an upcoming and rising independent hip-hop star that plans to express his creativity to full extent within his meaningful music. As a jack of all trades Sammie Israel has written produced and performed his music with countless shows and recording sessions at recording studios under his belt; Sammie Israel has even started his own record label entitled Umbutu Records & Entertainment in which he is now in the process of releasing his debut Urban Masterpiece this Spring 2014. Myself, P-Rice, was able to chop it up with Sammie Israel and discuss all about Sammie Israel’s come up in the music industry, his journey as an independent artist and his upcoming debut Urban Masterpiece.

Interview was done: 2/12/2014

Questions asked by: P-Rice

P-Rice: For those don’t know, introduce yourself
Sammie Israel: My name is Sammie Israel. I am from the Chicago area, specifically Michigan City, Indiana. I am currently living in Los Angeles, California.
P-Rice: At what age did you get into rap/hip-hop music?
Sammie Israel: I have been writing poetry since I was 11 years old. I was about 14 when I learned to put it to music, and have been in love ever since.
P-Rice: How was your local rap/hip-hop/R&B scene?
Sammie Israel: I grew up in the Chicago area, so we had a lot of great people coming from that area. We, also, were a crossroads between east and west, so we had a nice mixture to choose from. I love a variety of music.
P-Rice: How is the journey for an independent artist in accomplishing their goals?
Sammie Israel: It is brutal, to say the least. You are literally doing everything that the major labels are doing. Marketing, promoting, advertising, and that’s just on the business end. After your creative process has churned out the hits, you have to get it out to the world. Fortunately, for those who know, the internet makes things a little easier.
P-Rice: What independent label are you signed too? And How were you discovered?
Sammie Israel: I started my own label called Umbutu Records & Entertainment. I learned about publishing and copyrights, and stepped into the big league. I am the first of many artists on my label.
P-Rice: When do you plan on releasing your debut, “Urban Masterpiece”?
Sammie Israel: Urban Masterpiece is set to be released this spring. I am putting the finishing touches on it. I feel good about it, because a lot of thought and effort was put into this project. It is a reflection of one’s inner strength to endure anything and still remain a shining example of excellence, in every way.
P-Rice: What are a few messages you would like to get across in “Urban Masterpiece”? What is the meaning behind the debut?
Sammie Israel: I put a lot of heart and soul into what I do. My music is a reflection of, not only how I feel, but what I went through to feel this way. As an artist and music connoisseur, I can appreciate one’s expression of pure feelings. Combined with a refined artistic ability to put it into a form that people can enjoy, you have Urban Masterpiece. This debut is proof that you can do what ever you want to do. As long as you stay focused, and work hard toward your goal, you can achieve anything.
P-Rice: Are there any other artists you are working with on “Urban Masterpiece”?
Sammie Israel: Oh yes, I have a Singer named Angela K Thomas (Angie K), who is simply killing vocals like it’s nothing. She is also an Actor, doing big things in Hollywood. Other future artists include: C-Smoov, L-Rize, Eye Of Sha, and plenty others. I recently collaborated with Armageddon Records Artists: Phraze, Cello & Stackhouse on some up coming projects that are going to be nice. Urban Masterpiece is the launch pad for a lot of things to come.
P-Rice: Who are some of the producers you are working with for “Urban Masterpiece”?
Sammie Israel: Including myself, I enlisted a few other producers to give it some flavor. Kenny Terry, BRD & Big D, are a few people that I have come across in my studio travels. I liked what they were doing and we collaborated on a few tracks.
P-Rice: What are a few singles off of “Urban Masterpiece”?
Sammie Israel: Some head bangers: of course my first single “Thoughts Of You”, featuring Angie K. Others to look for are the title track, “Urban Masterpiece”, “Space & Time”, “I’m Still Here”, and “Be Easy” are just a few. You’ll have to buy the CD and press play from start to finish. It’s a nice ride.
P-Rice: Your single, “Thoughts of You” has sort of a West coast funk vibe to it- will the rest of “Urban Masterpiece” have the same kind of vibe?
Sammie Israel: It’s a nice blend of West coast funk, meets East Coast grooves with a nice Midwest flavor.
P-Rice: Do you have any upcoming concert dates and or tours? If so, when and where?
Sammie Israel: Right now, I am just focused on completing the new CD. I have done a few local venues to promote, but the big shows are soon to come. I will, definitely, keep P Rice posted. Fo Sho.
P-Rice: What are some of your future plans in music and your career that you’d like to share?
Sammie Israel: I love the whole entertainment world. I would like to get more into writing, or voice over work. Acting comes natural to me, so I feel that my music is just a gateway to many other things.
P-Rice: How do you feel about the rap/hip-hop music industry now a days?
Sammie Israel: I like it. I can’t say anything bad about it. Many people are doing some big things, as a result of hip hop music. I feel, as long as they are staying true to who they are and what they want, go for it. If it makes me bob my head, then do what you do.
P-Rice: As an artist, how do you write or come up with your lyrics? What is your inspiration?
Sammie Israel: I just do what I feel. The music Tells me what to write. I get in tune with the frequency of the sounds, and I become one of the elements. That is the best way that I can describe it.
I am inspired by several genres of music: Jazz, Rock, Reggae, and countless others. I am most fond of Soul 70’s music.
P-Rice: Leading off of the last question, what artists or public figures are your inspirations?
Sammie Israel: I am inspired by any artist who don’t forget where they came from. One that recognizes their blessings and maximizes their opportunities.
P-Rice: Where can people find and purchase your debut album, “Urban Masterpiece” when released?
Sammie Israel: “Urban Masterpiece” will be available on all major websites (iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, etc.). And coming to a record store near you real soon. So please Enjoy Responsibly.
P-Rice: Who are some big artists you have dreamed and or want to collaborate with in the future?
Sammie Israel: I hear Prince likes hip hop. I would love to do something with him or have one of the Rap greats (which are too many to name), spit a verse with me. Maybe one of the leading R&B divas will want to do a remix with me.
P-Rice: How and where can people hear your music, social network with you?
Sammie Israel: Just search Sammie Israel online. I have more music that you can enjoy already. You can, also, hit me on twitter, face book, and several others. I am shooting to have “Urban Masterpiece” done by the spring. I want to rock the whole summer.
P-Rice: Last but not least, do you have any last words or advice for any inspired artist or musician like yourself who may be reading this interview? And or last words in general
Sammie Israel: Well, if you made it this far with me, I guarantee that you will not be disappointed with your decision to stick it out. I would really like to thank P Rice for giving me this platform. I would also like to thank all of those who are reading this and enjoying my music. I just want you to know that, in life, many things happen but the only thing that matters, is what YOU do. So cherish your days and enjoy.
Sammie Israel, the man himself, very hardworking and inspiring- Sammie Israel plans on releasing his debut Urban Masterpiece Spring 2014, Be sure to be on the look out for the release and to follow/like Sammie Israel pages on the internet here:
Also download Sammie Israel’s earlier releases here at CDBaby.com: http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/SammieIsrael
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Keep up the hustle, be true to you and One Love- P-Rice

3 thoughts on “Upcoming Indepedent Music Star Sammie Israel Interview Hosted By: P-Rice

  1. Maybe next time he does an interview you can ask him when’s the last time he ‘s seen his kid, or paid child support. He’s one of the best dead beat dads. So maybe finally this old ass man that chased his dreams his whole life will finally be able to take care of his responsibilities. Mmm dedicated to nothing but his pipe dreams

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