“Solo But Not Alone” Future Super Producer Cartelsons Interview Hosted by: P-Rice

Cartelsons with the DPG

Straight out of Lyon, France comes a long over due producer, Cartelsons, who has been producing music for 10 years. Now in the year of 2013, Cartelsons, released his debut album “Drugstore Music” in which he pressed his own copies of selling them through Facebook with anticipation to now release his next project “Solo But Not Alone”. With an All-Star Veteran Westcoast cast on his first project “Drugstore Music”; it is now round 2 for the French producer who has already worked with his childhood idols and inspirations to come back with more of an All-Star Veteran cast along with upcoming stars that are ready to shine on “Solo But Not Alone”. I, myself P-Rice, was able to have the chance to chop it up with Cartelsons about his come up in the game, inspirations/collaborations, the Europe Hip-Hop scene and his next big upcoming project “Solo But Not Alone”.

Interview was done: 12/19/2013

Questions asked by: P-Rice

P-Rice: How long have you been producing music?

Cartelsons: I began to produce 10 years ago approximately with one of my homie.

P-Rice: There any meaning behind your name, Cartelsons? If so, what is it?

Cartelsons: At the beginning, CartelSons was me and one of my friend. We loved movies in South America with drug cartels, Medellin etc. I decided to keep the name CartelSons in memory of my homie who died in a accident 7 years ago. Right now CartelSons is just me with the legacy of my friend.

P-Rice: Though it may be obvious, but for those who don’t know, who are your biggest inspirations and influences in music?

Cartelsons: I grew up in different types of music. My parents were listening to Old Rock and blues. One of my brother listen Gangsta Rap and G-Funk and my old brother some Soul, New Jack and Old Roots and Reggae. I got the chance to grow up with all these influences. I’m a real fan of blues and soul music and Afro American music. I’m concerned by this part of History.

P-Rice: How is the Rap/Hip-Hop scene in Europe and France?

Cartelsons: I’m connected with some artists from everywhere and much more this last time. Europe is growin up and U.S artists collaborate more and more with us.

P-Rice: Is the genre of G-Funk now a days popular in Europe and France?

Cartelsons: G-Funk music was always be listen in France. I got some memories when I was kid, the OG’s ride with old school music and G-Funk. France is a first fan of G-Funk.

P-Rice: Do you have your own independent label? Or are you with a major corporate label?

Cartelsons: All the artists called me The Self Made. *laughs* I’m indie. I don’t have a label. Not major too. Some labels wanna sign me but I was not interested by their visions. I prefer making my music with who I want, what I want and how I want. I’m my own boss. It doesn’t mean that I’m not serious, just that I want to work in free situation.

P-Rice: Now just recently, you’ve released “Drugstore Music”, pressing the copies yourself and so forth, how was the responses towards “Drugstore Music”?

Cartelsons: Drugstore Music was created in two years. Making beats, making contacts, think bout concepts. Its like a All Star games on it and one of my dream. Making 14 tracks with a lot of big artists on every songs. Honestly, I had a lot of spectacular feedback, nuthin but love by artists and fans. Words came out and a lot of persons support my music right now all around the world.

P-Rice: Are there those critics that ever question why you produce the G-Funk sound & glamorize the Westcoast lifestyle over in the U.S.?

Cartelsons: Like I said, I grew up with Afro American music and I”m a first lover of Los Angeles Rap by the way of my brother. We were diggin’ the last dope album in stores. I love G-Funk, bangers, gangsta soulin etc. Tha Westcoast is so large of influences and I love that.

P-Rice: How did you make such connects with some of the most legendary Westcoast Veterans like MC Eiht, Tha Dogg Pound, Foesum and so on?

Cartelsons: We got the chance nowadays to be connected with all the world on Facebook, Twitter. I contacted them like “I listened your work ten years, can you listen to it just 5 minutes”. A lot of artists showed me some love and did a lot of wonderful work. For the Dogg Pound, I met them after their concert in my city Lyon. We chilled in stage. They showed me some love, I was like a kid. I explained to Daz and Kurupt the concept and they helped me. They killed the track. Lookin Daz and Kurupt killin your track in live was a child dream.

P-Rice: From the looks of it, it seems that the Veterans have respect for what you’re doing, is that true? Any word on how they feel about Europe, France and Japan (like Two-J) producing the G-Funk sound?

Cartelsons: They gave me a chance to let them know what I can bring in this game. I got real good relations with the OG’s and when my first album was released, they told me “Congrats bro, holla at me if you need anutha collab for anutha project”. Thats so dope. I got a project in works with the big bro Shade Sheist and more collaborations on projects with Kokane, Bad Azz, Bossolo and many artists on their upcoming projects. That’s nuthin but love.

P-Rice:  Besides yourself and the connects your cool with in Europe/France, How do you feel about the European hip-hop scene?

Cartelsons: The European scene is full of talent, different type of music.

Im from Lyon in France and I can say that we work hard to be on top.

P-Rice: For your upcoming album, “Solo But Not Alone”, your 2nd release correct? Who are some of the talent you have on the record?

Cartelsons: “Solo But Not Alone” is more deep than Drugstore Music. I tried to make happened some collaborations with big artist and upcoming artists who got big talent. I got Spice 1, Layzie Bone, Kam, MC Eiht, Sean-T, Foesum, Bossolo, Ms Toi, Sly Boogy, Dazzie Dee, Shade Sheist, QuicTamac, Slip Capone, Big2DaBoy, Young Dazzie, Johnny Collarossi, Aloe Joel, Von Jackson, Baby Eazy (E3), Monster Loco.

P-Rice: What are some of the singles you plan to have off of “Solo But Not Alone”?

Cartelsons: I never plan to release some singles. I think about what type of song I want to release in first.

P-Rice: What is some of the process that goes into producing an album? Like coming up with a funky melody for a track, working with any samples?

Cartelsons: I’m able to produce a lot of different type of tracks. I can produce with production from nothing to something complete or use samples, replayed them or kept it with the old energy. Everyday I thank my family to made me listen eclectic music.

P-Rice: What Westcoast producer would you say is your biggest influence, that you had in mind, well producing “Solo But Not Alone”?

Cartelsons: One of the producer I really love was Johnny J (RIP). I love his work, melody… He did with 2Pac and many others. Playing real instruments, music with a soul. I love QD3 too. You can find some music with their influences on my album. I got love for DJ Khalil, Focus too. I love playing hard keyboards and punching beats. That’s my thang too.

P-Rice: When people and all the G-Funk lovers hear your new production, what would you like the listeners and fans to get out of it? Is there a message you have in mind with your release “Solo But Not Alone”?

Cartelsons: I got this words of Nate Dogg in.my head…always. “Original. They never would be”. I really want to show that I’m able to produce any type of Westcoast music

If you work hard, every good thing could happened. You just have to believe in. Never forget that we solo but not alone in life.

P-Rice: Deep words for real man. Do you have a release date & complete tracklist for “Solo But Not Alone” yet?

Cartelsons: I’m thinking about releasing my album in February. I didn’t make the official tracklist yet.

P-Rice: When you do release “Solo But Alone”- how do you plan on releasing it? Will be able to download through mp3 stores online, buy copies through you on Facebook?

Cartelsons: Like Drugstore Music, I will press real cd’s and sell it on Facebook. You just need to have PayPal. I ship all around the world. I will sell.it 10€+ shipping. I prefer pressing cd’s cause it remains the era where you bought your cd in stores with packaging. I know that mp3 stores is better for selling a lot but I love the old way. I will see for vinyl too.

P-Rice: Now we’ve heard the single “Internet Gangstaz”, which is mad dope by the way, but when it came to picking artists for that single was it difficult? Did you want to have the realest of the real on the track? And would you say the track is directed towards anyone specific (like any artists you’ve seen online)? What ignited the fire to come up with the track “Internet Gangstaz”?

Cartelsons:  The rap game is on media, youtube views…nowadays. This industry is full of young wack artists who think that they make good music cause they got viewers and followers. Rap music is nuthin but poo and electro with funny dress. Some persons told me to make this type of music but its impossible for me. How can I make my music turn wrong at this way. Its ethic. A lot of this young artists are not humble and speak to the OGs like they has been but hey young punk, these artists sold million copies as you were in your pops nuts. This song is a reflection of these fake gangstas too who speak about drugs, gangs and guns but they never been in the hood. Some real gangstaz speak about it cause they lived it. This song is for all the fake gz behind their computers who wear blue bandanas smokin and actin like they know but they never know. They have to be respectful and respect the pioneers of all that.

P-Rice: What are some of your future plans in hip-hop music? Do you ever plan to come to the United States to produce music?

Cartelsons:I live day by day, be thankful for all I got. I will try to go to L.A as soon as possible. I got many things to do with many artists. For the moment, I live my passion by making my albums and collab with some child dreams.

P-Rice: Before we close up for this interview, are there any last words that you would like to say to any future emcees, producers and or any words in general?

Cartelsons: I wanna thank all the persons who got love and support for me since day one and the latest. Hope that appreciate it. Stay focused. Don’t hesitate to holla at me on Facebook. I got beats for sale too. Take care everybody. Much love. CartelSons.Cartelsons

P-Rice: Thank you for taking your time out for this interview, a lot of respect and love coming from the U.S. to you- as a G-Funk and Westcoast hip-hop fan myself- we love seeing what you are doing and keep up with the hustle and always be true to yourself! One Love- P-Rice

Cartelsons last release Drugstore music is available to purchase now through Facebook Here. Until the next episode- y’all keep your eyes wide for “Solo But Not Alone” with a planned release for February 2014 and plenty more productions to come by Cartelsons and interviews by P-Rice. Peace.


One thought on ““Solo But Not Alone” Future Super Producer Cartelsons Interview Hosted by: P-Rice

  1. I’m always here to show support to my boy Cartelsons. Much love bro great interview yall be on the look at for “Solo But Not Alone” Feb 2014 its going down. S/O 2 DA HOMIE SPICE 1 & DA HOMIE ALOE JO’EL KEEP IT GEED UP…..CALI 2 Lyon France

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