More than a Television Show 

“Unsolved Mysteries: A Misnomer” by You Monster’s Are People, introduced a relatable connection and new perspectives towards murder mystery shows. The show “Unsolved Mysteries” is infamously known for running on television throughout the late 80’s and ending in the mid 2000’s exposing unsolved murder tales to millions watching television. You Monster’s Are People writes in his article his sensational fear towards “Unsolved Mysteries” and being terrified after watching an episode as a child knowing that there was some knife-welding psycho path rapist on the loose in the town over or so along the lines like that. As a child though, who wouldn’t!?

I know for sure myself when watching these categorized murder mystery shows; I begin looking out my windows and locking the doors- never can be too sure, right? What I found entertaining about You Monster’s Are People article, other than how it was well written and kept the readers attention grasped, was that the show “Unsolved Mysteries” was to get the people in our society motivated and interesting in keeping an eye out for the evil in our world. The show “Unsolved Mysteries” wasn’t put on air to scare us and make us never walk out to our front steps again; the show “Unsolved Mysteries” was to do the exact opposite and have our communities aware of what criminals were lurking the streets FREE! Can’t believe it took me at least 21 years to realize that, after all the television we’ve watched and all the “Warning Parental Discretion is Advised due to disturbing images and content”, these shows weren’t originally aired for mainly our entertainment and pleasure. Maybe to some- but in all reality it all makes sense now- we use to always wonder “what is it with all these murder mystery shows?” Are replies were, “Wow a lot of people getting murdered out there” to “when does all this happen and how do we never know about it?” to “damn maybe I should stop watching these shows and actually go out and keep an out in the neighborhood?”

Now instead of hiding underneath my bed or behind the television screen with a bag of popcorn; maybe next time we watch one of these murder mystery shows will take notes and be on the neighborhood watch- helping to bring justice in our society! Of course when writing it is easy to have your “Super-Man” cape on but will see when it comes to the actual test!  

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