Answer’s First, Question’s Later

In a generation and time where media constantly revolves around our daily lives, many people have similar desires and inspirations to pursue a career within media. Children grow up with iPhones, cameras and camcorders in the palm of their hands, allowing them to create and reproduce the images and ideas they have circulating throughout their imagination. Thanks to the inventions and creations developed by Steve Jobs such as the iPod, iPhone, new and improved iMac’s- technology has exploded like never before and reached new destinations that were un-imaginable in times before.

As a college Radio DJ with desires to be a household name one day, the competition within the media industry is higher and more saturated than ever. With the ability to home produce records, shows and whatever sorts of entertainment you wish due to the advancement in technology, it makes it very easy for anyone with the least bit of talent to shine through with a little luck. The airwaves for Radio have been around for centuries and when radio broadcasting became more valuable and popular for advertising; radio has been the main source for spreading the word out about in formation- look at War of the World’s people believed a radio DJ hosting stories about aliens and un-known species landing on Earth causing havoc. People seriously were ready for the year “2012” before the Mayan’s beliefs of the world ending in 2012 hit mainstream. Well being a radio DJ myself it is understandable why one would tell such horror stories on air; it’s like the same reason why Howard Stern was controversial back in the 1980’s and 1990’s- it was for publicity, to get people to listen- and that is a obstacle every radio DJ comes upon eventually. Friends and family only listen to your shows for so long on a daily basis so you have to depend on having a dedicated fan and or listener base.

That is when we learned that interview’s are a key aspect in radio. No matter what kind of show you have, a guest and or hosting an interview, will keep your show interesting and be sure to have a new audience tuning in depending on your guest. An interview brings to the table new conversation, new information and let alone new material. On my show, the P-Rice Show, I like to have the occasional artist or musician come onto my show. I wish I could do it more often but due to still being a small name and not knowing many local acts around Western Mass- it can make it a struggle to decide what artist we would like to have on our show. In the past we’ve had musicians we’ve personally worked with on our show, some consist of our classmates and peers. We have learned that to have a successful interview you must have “Answer’s First, Question’s Later” and I say that because to be an interviewer you have to have good listening ears. You have to be able to sit there and listen to what your guest has to say and you have to know when to come in and continue on with new conversation- which is usually why I say “question’s later”. Though you start off your interview with a question, your interview your hosting will end with several questions because of the answer’s your receiving. It’s like your the detective trying to figure out who your suspected “guest” is on your show.

Tonight tune into the P-Rice Show for interview with up and coming emcee, E.S.P, only on 89.5fm WSKB 6-8pm (eastern), 3-5pm (pacific) in which you’ll get all the answers you want about his debut release “Weapon of Mass Production” and much more!

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