Airwave Blues

If you are an artist, entertainer, public personality, radio DJ and or writer; you probably all can relate to the striving pain of building more of an audience. As a radio DJ and you could say artist and public personality- we have had our up’s and down’s with publicity for our show. I guess it is true when they say, “Here for one moment and gone the next”, in show business, because it seems you can have a great show one night and be on top of the world but by next week it is like all your hard work has been erased. The thoughts of dead air and deaf ears circulate your mind and you begin to think; is this another dream turned into a part-time hobby again or will maybe one day we will see a rainbow through the stormy clearings that welcome us our reward for paying dues. 

Our radio show, The P-Rice Show, has been recognized as one of the more known- not necessarily popular- radio shows of our college campus. I’ve had several DJ’s tell me I am one of the more enjoyable and entertaining DJ’s to listen to and I’ve had peers turn into hip-hop head junky’s like myself because of my glamorization for the hip-hop genre on my show. Originally titled as P-Rice’s Extravaganza, our first few seasons were probably our most successful over-seas wise with the Redd Emcee interview and we had an un-signed artists segment as well but that has already been done before. Our longtime partner in music collaboration, Redd Emcee, began to host his online radio show in which he strictly hosted and showcased un-signed or independent talent.

After the 2nd season of P-Rice’s Extravaganza, we switched the format of our radio show into more of  a talk-show which only lasted for a season or so. This was also the time, P-Rice’s Extravaganza became The P-Rice Show. I had a co-host for a short period of time, which was a long time childhood friend of mine, but due to different desires, ideas and wants for the show we both eventually went separate ways with radio. I had more of a Alan Berg, Howard Stern approach in expressing my feelings, emotions and opinions but with a less offensive twist; I believe you have to be expressing, exciting and your own individual if your going to have a show, which concludes to having to have your own persona and basically character. My co-host and friend has a knowledge about music but they weren’t on the same page of expressing and truly being themselves well in character on air.  During this time I felt like I was going through a mid-life crisis at 19 because I was lost and didn’t know exactly what direction I wanted to go in with my show. Since middle school I’ve been so involved with hip-hop music like legit it is a lifestyle- that I kind of felt I couldn’t abandoned the roots of my show, I couldn’t ignore and leave out a major part of my life with the show. The show had to be and represent me and my persona, P-Rice.

Now on our 5th season, The P-Rice Show, airs on Wednesday Nights 6-8pm on 89.5fm WSKB and or here at And we have to say that our show has gathered more of a following than previous years. We have built a small posse involving Chill Will, Mike Frosty, Playboy Colby and our lady friend who goes by Triple ‘M’. As you can tell we still stick to the hip-hop script hence our nicknames. Even though our show is still recognized and well-received through family, DJ’s, peers and fans; the thought that some of the music we play on our show might not appeal to the masses haunts us at time. In a media industry in which being relevant is key to remain successful- having a show structured around music can be hard if your not bumping the top 10 billboard singles on repeat like every other major hip-hop station.

The key to stay above that train of thought is to continue doing what you love but in unique ways. If you haven’t followed, The P-Rice Show, then you probably should like our fan page but what makes our show entertaining besides our persona and hosting- would probably be our themes. I’ve always felt like going into the station with another playlist full of random songs I enjoy or I know my audience would enjoy becomes repetitive, tedious, boring and un-original. If you listen to our show, you will begin to notice majority of the weeks we have a theme. Giving a reason to play the type of music we play; majority of it is known to un-known hip-hop and underground jams that always have a subject, message or theme behind it. Such as every so often, a well-received and one of the most popular themes, will host a “Ladies Night” in which we play all the jams dedicated for all the ladies and playas out there. Other themes we’ve had also include: “Chicano Rap Night”, “Eastcoast Rap/Hip-Hop”, “G-Funk Era”, “Bay Area Rap/Hip-Hop”, “Veterans Day” theme in which we played all the classic oldies that you hear sampled in your favorite rap/hip-hop tracks, giving props to all the R&B/Soul Vets that inspired, influenced a whole generation and future genre of music.

Now I don’t usually end a blog post like this but if you are interested in reading the end of this blog post; check out and read the post above this one entitled “A morning with Professor Griff”.

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