“And grown men acting like teenagers….”

In our society sports seem to be one of the major forms of entertainment; especially if you are born and raised in the New England area. Riots have a risen from sports, cars have been tipped in celebration from home teams winning and the players in the game are over-paid and titled role models for our youth. As there has been many sport stars in the past that been accused or caught in the act of using steroids such as Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds, A-Rod and so goes on the never ending list; we also can’t forget the horrible incident back in the late 80’s when upcoming star Len Bias overdosed on Cocaine. So the main question is, are our healthy athletic sport players truly role models? Well after the Red Sox win of the World Series- you would think so- but lets take a look at what has been going on down in Miami with the Dolphins.

The dirtiest player of the game Richie Incognito has stirred up some controversy lately with being labeled as a bully towards teammate Jonathan Martin. The two play for the Miami Dolphins and let me tell you this- they’re both acting like they have the brain capacity of a dolphin.  Such issues the two have had between each other have been sending each other threatening and violent text messages, though Incognito claims that the two are “good friends”, it seems like it is in the norm to leave a voicemail full of death threats and call them racial slurs to your best-friend now a days. I feel like I could be Columbo, take the masks off you meathead clowns, cause I know I just didn’t go to the bathroom yet I still smell a bunch of sh**. Some rumors float around about the coaches wanting Incognito to toughen up Martin but Incognito had no comment.

Stephen Ross, the Miami’s Dolphin owner, has delayed his meeting with team player Jonathan Martin until after an NFL investigator talks to him. Though Ross claims he wants to, “get down to the bottom of this”, yet he keeps delaying on meeting up with Martin. Ross wants to figure out why Martin left the Dolphins, if it isn’t already obvious enough throw the guy a sign, Ross comes off sounding like a high school counselor.

Almost a week ago from today, Thursday, Martin was physically attacked by un-named teammates before Incognitos interview aired on CBS that same night. Is there a sense of competition between the two team players? Do you think Incognito is trying to play “saving face”? What do you think should happen to the two players? Do you think the NFL is handling it appropriately? I’m sure this has happened before in the NFL, but why do you think this incident has caused such publicity? With the racist comments and threats, should Incognito be thrown out of the league? Do you think Incognito will be hired for a different team? If he stays in the NFL league. If somebody could- please throw Martin a pair of boxing gloves and maybe Tyson or Mayweather and give Martin a help in solving his own problems. Folks, we are paying these guys or should I dare to say “kids”, millions of dollars to come off as poor role models and grown men that can’t even handle situations within their own hands..Comments are welcomed.

16 thoughts on ““And grown men acting like teenagers….”

  1. Dont you think that Martin may have just been looking to get Incognito in trouble? He stated himself that he just couldn’t handle the locker room and the culture of it. It obviously isnt for everyone. Don’t get me wrong, what Incognito did was wrong at a high degree but that is what all those guys are used to apparently. Martin was just one guy that spoke up. Do you think locker rooms now in the NFL will forever change because of this incident?

  2. Obviously this is huge news and deals with a topic bigger than just this case. Why do you think sports fans and players feel the need to bully each other? It’s all just for entertainment, so why are people so terrible to each other?

    • I believe that the energy that carries out bullying comes from deep inside the individual who commits the bullying. I believe it can have to do with self-esteem issues, envious feelings/emotions, some anger and or stress that comes from inside that boil into a brutal form of emotion and energy.

    • Well I believe that if what is being stated about their friendship between the two is true- I can see why some players would come out to his side. I do believe that many follow the majority- people do want to say their 2 cents at least if not 5 minutes of fame during times like these.

  3. A lot of interviews went down about so called “hazing” and how the newer players have to “pay their dues” like picking up equipment afterwards or getting water for more active players. Do you think this goes on with other teams throughout the league?

    • I wouldn’t doubt that other teams in the league have the same mentality- and if it has been to the Miami Dolphin’s extent- no one has said anything about it or now maybe we will hear more about it after this(?)

  4. is that guy’s name really “Richie Icognito”? I mean really? Because that sounds like a character from Roger Rabbit. Also do you think players are told to play up the team mate drama as a way of attracting attention? Or do you think there is such a thing as bad publicity?

    • Well I think it depends..I don’t think the whole team and coaches would want all this negative attention cause it risks ruining reputations, jobs and so on; but maybe if they see something they can get out of the attention then I wouldn’t doubt the players add to the team mate drama- but I think like anything with a team or group of people there tends to be people looking up to the “major” figures and that can affect the outcome. I do think there is a thing as bad publicity; some information gets released or leaked that the other party doesn’t want the public to know about or an individual pursues some actions that accidentally attract the wrong attention/media.

    • I believe that the NFL could of and should of handled it stricter and quicker. It didn’t seem like much of a rush for the NFL to get down to the bottom of the situation; as this topic has been in the major news cycle for awhile now. I once read the coach delaying his time to meet up with Martin until after he talked to an investigator- which in my opinion reflects how much the coach is involved with his team players- if I was a coach, day one, I believe I would not take any of this behavior from grown men on my team and I would of set scores straight ASAP and both light a fire under their asses to wake up and stop making fools out of themselves or cutting their paychecks haha

    • uhh this is a good question but I’m deff. feeling Tiger Woods on this one- haha nahh I’m just kidding with that one- but I think someone like Tom Brady even though he may have some past mistakes..but for the golf league I gotta say Arnold Palmer

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