From Your Heart….

As someone who has had a love and passion for telling stories and writing if there is one thing that I have learned with writing is that- the best writing is the writing that comes from the heart. The writing that expresses your inner emotions, feelings, beliefs and that is the kind of writing that will make a connection between you and your audience. The writing that expresses the struggles or feelings that we as humans all go through or can relate to or even the writing that not everyone can relate to but respect because of the expression in it.

It is in human nature for us as people to want to know what goes on in other people’s lives- hence the term eavesdropping- You probably find yourself doing this all the time in public places. We can’t help it because there are usually people around us majority of the day, I would at least hope so unless your a hermit, but we are bound to hear what others are conversing about. And if we hear something interesting, you might just stick around for a quick listen. This goes into hand, why I believe, that those who hold or want professions as Public Personalities, Radio DJ’s, Journalist- telling their life stories or other people’s life stories- people will always be listening, people will want to listen. Whether or not the material is interesting; People want to listen for several different reasons as a great example of this would be Howard Stern. People would listen just so they had something to complain about, others truly are entertained and enjoyed with Howard’s work. Same goes for music- go visit Youtube and I’m sure you have already experienced all the hate comments towards certain artists and genre’s of music. The main point is, no matter what if you are in the public eye, people will be listening whether they love or hate you.


Back to my original point though with this post. The satisfaction of jotting my expressions, feelings down on paper, though this is the 21st Century I do enjoy typing more, the process of free-writing is what I believe makes some of my best writing. Free-Writing is something that I’ve picked up from being involved with the hip-hop music more or so; but as a child growing up I had a knack for coming up with several short stories- some derived from previous ideas I’ve seen- but making the idea and stories into my own words, production and ideas. The Hip-Hop music is what brought the realness of writing about life’s struggles but also as I got older- life was no more of “living in a fantasy world”- many experiences in life that has happened between my family, friends and I- give a novel full of crazy stories to tell. A lot of them I would never put up here; but I bet if I did many of you could relate to them. Life is one big movie, your family and friends are all characters, they all play a role of someone in your life. The extras? They just add to the drama, memories, suspense and another chapter for your book of life.

If your a writer and or interested in writing, what do you think makes you a good writer? Feel free to start conversation and share stories down below.

5 thoughts on “From Your Heart….

  1. I don’t think I would consider myself a good writer but one thing that I have heard a lot in the feedback I have received, both from my first anonymous blog and from close friends, is the fact my writing can be related to; being able to put into words experiences and emotions that many people go through but they don’t have the words for. Which I guess all boils down to experience and as you said, writing from the heart =D Thanks for the post, I really enjoyed it!

    • Hey there, thanks for taking the time to read our post and I also appreciate your comments and opinions. I agree it is very powerful to be able to express emotions through words; especially if they are done extravagant and spark that connection within your audience. Stay enlighten and keep on writing! P-Rice

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