Young & Un-Known

If you have been following our blog for awhile then you probably already know that we have a passion for the music and arts. As a teenager in late middle school and throughout high school we spent hours writing and recording homemade tapes. Talk about some real underground music- we just made music for ourselves and enjoyment. We loved to write lyrical lyrics and keep the “real hip-hop” persona in full contact. Though we still write and host our own college radio show, we haven’t really been in the “funk lab” for awhile but looking back we are proud with some of our- you could say surprising accomplishments.

We can’t say we blew up nationwide but we were the first hip-hop act to ever perform in our local town, Choate Park, back in 2010. I still remember getting prepared for the show that July evening; eating a foot long meatball sub and sipping on a Dr. Pepper for dinner before I went to the park to set up. Brand new PA system my father and I hooked up and we had a decent show out with friends and family that showed up to support. Even our old math teacher came by and say hi as P-Rice took the mic for the night.

Besides being the first hip-hop act in our town to perform live at the park- we also have dabbled with some rap artists within the underground scene. A surprising and un-known fact that many may not recognize or even know about is the collaboration P-Rice had with A-Plus the Macnificient straight out of Watts, CA. A-Plus is the cousin of Young Money, who is or was a part of the 90’s Gangster Rap group Young Murder Squad and also were affiliated with the classic South Central Cartel. During the summer of 2011, P-Rice had the opportunity to collab with A-Plus in which he met by networking and advertising online through social networking sites. The collab the two us delivered, produced by European producer Doggy Charles, came to be known as “Late Nite Bounce”. The track was originally intended to have a 3rd verse with hopes to feature Evil Skeem and or Prodeje but A-Plus was the only one available to record at the time. For the rest of the summer 2011, I continued to make music and had one last collab with A-Plus entitled “For My City” but it was an unofficial collab and from then on- P-Rice hasn’t had any new projects with the Westcoast O.G’s.

The following year, 2012, P-Rice hosted an over-seas interview on his radio show, “The P-Rice Show”, on 89.5fm WSKB with UK Cult Hip-Hop legend Redd Emcee who was part of the UK group Central Zone, Underground,  in the early 90’s. Redd and I have been networking and collaborating with music for years now and I have to give much props and love to Redd because without him- I probably wouldn’t be as far into the music scene as I am today. Well conducting the over-seas interview with Redd Emcee and its complications because of the connection we had between each other on air; the interview caused a lot of hype and many people tuned in. People all over in the UK and Europe tuned in- thanks to our social networking- and Redd who happens to be friends with TJ Chill of the Zulu Nation- also had King Echo along with TJ Chill tune into our show and listen to some of the interview. In 2013, Redd released his single “Pioneers” featuring TJ Chill on iTunes with a classic hip-hop production laced with top notch flows for veterans that have been in the game since the 80’s. Look out for Redd Emcee’s “Still Alive” album which features myself, P-Rice, as well with many other underground hip-hop artists.

As they say one door closes and another opens; that is how it is like within my experiences with music but also that is how life is like. We now still continue our journey to success, whether or not in the limelight, even if you ever don’t make it into the limelight- you can never forget your past and everything that you have accomplished on your journey to get where you are today. We don’t need to be on the cover of Time Magazine or Rolling Stone to know that we have made our own history within our own circle of family and friends. You don’t need permission to live your life out the way you want it to..Word from ya brotha P-Rice. 1 Love.

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