Have the Blues this Season? We got Our Own Natural Remedy


Well it’s that time of year again. The season is jolly  but the weather is brutal and P-Rice is running to the closest Southwest airlines flight to head down South for the winter. The fall season is beautiful in New England but when comes the Wicked winds of the east coast wintertime; the fun in the sun is all up and now it is survival of the fittest through the never-ending winter months.

Seasonal depression can be a problem in some people lives. Originally declared a medical condition in 1984, Season Depression usually occurs during the winter months but can also occur during the summer months. Reason being because the winter months usually bring in dark, grey and gloomy clouds that can hover over you for days if not weeks with harsh temperatures, wind and even snow. These are some factors that may conclude to you having a mild or more case of Seasonal Depression.

 When the weather becomes cold, grey and gloomy you tend to feel un-happy or un-satisfied, worrisome, sleep longer, over-eat, lack of energy to get up in the morning and even morning sickness. It has been said some reasons why humans tend to get depressed during the cold winter months is because in prehistory with our ancestors the availability of food was scarce and calorie intake was in reduction. People who suffer from season depression have a tendency to have a lower sex-drive in which this has been said in “Why We Get Sick?” (Nesse, Randolphe M; Williams, George C, 1996) “the preponderance of women with SAD suggests that the response may also somehow regulate to reproduction”. Many people who suffer Season Depression may also suffer from Major Depressive Disorder and or BiPolar Disorder in which the individual may switch from Seasonal depression to BiPolar or Major Depressive when it’s a different season that doesn’t signal off their season depression.

 Winter isn’t the only season that can cause Seasonal Depression as we said before- the summer seasons can also cause Seasonal Depression. The factors that lead into Summer depression are insomnia, lack of appetite, irritability and so on; the main point is you are not enjoying the choice of season. If you find out you are having some of these indicators of seasonal depression, don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed, many people suffer from seasonal depression. Such as myself you could say- as the winter season comes around the whole neighborhood is out building Frosty the snowman and making snow angels; well I’d rather be making sand angels in my cats litter box than freezing my ass off in the snow making a snow angel that is bound to melt anyways. At least I can keep my cats litter box sand angel if I wanted to.

How I deal with seasonal depression, as I would say at times I suffer from a mild case of seasonal depression in the winter months, but due to my positive outlooks I have overcome the depression. The ways I have overcome my slight seasonal depression is through not changing for the winter months too much. When the winter comes, many of people’s favorite outdoor activities are canceled out for the season and replaced with new indoor activities. For some people this is a tragedy come true and the harsh temperatures are too much to bare- but you must not give up and let something like “temperature” and “weather” win over you. Remember a little bit of cold weather and snow isn’t like you are going up against the Blizzard of ’78 nor is it you going up against Mayweather for a boxing match- so please grow a pair and take some of our advice.

I know it sounds crazy but whether you are or not a big workout fanatic- working out during the wintertime can be a great time not to only train but also keep your physical mind, body and soul in a peaceful mindset. I have learned that if I keep up with my workout routines through the cold winter season it helps me overcome the coldness a tad bit more and help to sturdy a more easy and positive mindscape about life. Working out can release the stress of work and or school during the winter months, it can help you get fresh air if you dare to run outside (but if you are properly dressed and equipped it isn’t as bad as it sounds). I believe that staying inside all the time and or being restrained from going outside for long periods of time and not being able to socialize with broad masses of people face to face can be mentally straining. This leads to my other medicine during the cold winter months due to if I am not able to refresh outside.

Eating healthy is a way I found to refresh if I am going to be cooped up inside and not workout. When ever I eat healthier than I usually do, I always feel a rewarding feeling in a sense that I just put some good fuel into my body. I have replenished my soul and heart with medicine that will help keep my insides in shape. Compared to eating a big, greasy, frozen pizza you pop in your oven for a half hour- imagine what a nice banana or apple or even fruit smoothie or yogurt taste like and even feels like after eating it. Want to talk about getting your body running- this is one way to do it. Fruits such as bananas will give you fuel and boost your energy to help you feel good and progress throughout your day; instead of eating grandma’s 12 stacked pancakes, peel a few bananas and afterwards you might wonder if you drank a cup of coffee (but in a more rewarding sense). Healthy food can keep your body running and full of energy for your least favorite months; and remember when you wake up from hibernation from your despised months- you’ll also be looking in shape too.

One of the last things I noticed that can help, not for severe seasonal depression, but for those who may have the slightest case of the winter blues is to have positive thinking. When thinking positive you can see beyond your obstacles and it makes you more willing to approach the bridges of conflict you have to cross sometimes in life. When I am not feeling the cold touch of the shower floor in the morning to the blistering winds of the Northeast- I strap on my positive thinking cap and I take on the day as if it was one big adventure. Prepared to prove all those who doubted me wrong- stick it to the face of Mother Nature! Always keep in the back of your head that, “you can do it”. Never second guess yourself, leave the peanut gallery to do that. It may sound ridiculous to some people about the positivity you might need to have to get up out of bed due to the weather but in general; positivity goes a long way and can prove to have a strong response for those who practice “positivity”. Negativity will weaken and blind your mind from seeing new perspectives and views. Negativity will hold you back from success and negativity will kill your soul.

So before we get any further into the winter months and if your beginning to feel a bit off- just remember everything you read from our blog. Sometimes you need to adjust to certain aspects in life to overcome some obstacles and feelings towards those obstacles. If the cold of the winter and or heat of the summer seem overwhelming- remember what you can do better: Positive thinking, eat healthier, continue on with your daily activities, remain active- can all help your mental health. Also remember, enjoy life, no matter what season it is and cheers! 


One thought on “Have the Blues this Season? We got Our Own Natural Remedy

  1. For me, as a reader, your voice continues to become more and more distinctive.

    I like how you are working to develop and extend your role as a writer working for, and within, a particular community.

    I find, too, that you are writing with greater and greater clarity. Well done.

    Keep up the good work!

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