Hard to Believe….

2010 High School Coffee House Performance

2010 High School Coffee House Performance

Ever since a little kid I always enjoyed telling stories or coming up with creative ideas. I enjoyed entertaining, I loved movies and music and creating has always been a part of my life. As a child growing up and putting myself in the public eye within my class peers- you can believe I was exposed to many different opinions and perspectives towards me- As wouldn’t anyone else who puts themselves or are in the spotlight for the public eye, right?

I started to express and produce my works out to the local community at a pretty early age. I was 12 years old and still in middle school with barely any true life experiences under my belt. I began to really get into hip-hop music in the summer of 2005 and by the winter of ’05 I was releasing my first homemade recorded CD. This was a horrible choice because at the time I was still discovering myself as an artist- I really didn’t know what I was doing but I was overwhelmed by the popularity of my freestyles and songs I’ve written in class that I felt pressured to release a CD as soon as possible.

Eventually when I released the CD, which failed miserably in sales, due to the CD being a complete amateur recording (but I was 12, right?); I began to hear rumors and even saw for myself not everyone who I thought was down with me, was really sincerely down with me. I was mislead by some of my peers to rush out a CD just to be laughed at, but looking back and I even knew at the time, it was just because I was a young and ambitious kid who   knew what he wanted to do. Some of my peers from back then and still today- really never knew what they wanted to do in life- which is ok in a sense that when growing up not too many kids know what they want to do in life until a lot later. Except me. I knew what I wanted to do, I was familiar with what I had a passion for such as writing and story telling.

Throughout the years, thanks to my supportive family and the few true friends I’ve had, I continued to strive with improving my music production. From the updates in equipment to the maturity of writing lyrics and flows- each release improved to P-Rice’s standards- but I always tried to keep my own style. A handful of artist’s I’ve worked with in the past had struggled with some of my ideas on how to approach a track at times with funky kind of flows; to me, if that is how the music makes me feel- that’s how I’m going to do it up.

It wasn’t until college though when my music improved greatly. In high school I rocked the Coffee Houses (0:1:43:59- for P-Rice’s 2011 performance) and though I was still amateur at what I was doing it was how I presented myself on stage and the routine I would put on- many peers told me I was the main attraction at our high school Coffee House’s; but college was when I released my first mixtape to go over a thousand downloads Clouds & Memories. College was when I was able to host my own radio show in which I held an over-seas interview with UK Cult Hip-Hop Legend Redd Emcee and TJ Chill and King Echo of the Zulu Nation tuned in. College was when our performances got more structured and exposed to another audience. College was when I finally began to see maybe a future in radio and or the entertainment/media industry. People began to tell me the good word about my radio show and even some of my performances that I put on.

When I heard the chants in my So Seductive Step Team performance I felt like I was the man of the night, the touch of the microphone when I perform live or on radio feels like the Olympic torch- it feels like I have the weapon of mass destruction in my hands- so much importance and respect if I can bless the microphone correctly. The hunger I get after performing a good show isn’t the typical hungry I’d get for moms homemade meal: I get hungry to keep on striving for success and reassure the confidence in my inspirations in some how, way, or form. The taste of victory and self-comfort in for what I pursue in life come about with the sight of an entertained audience that had a goodnight. After all of this, eventually a smell of celebration and satisfaction floats throughout the air, the final layer that saves the memories of that night and or perfection accomplished- until another night steals the crown and surpasses what has already done.

At times it is hard to forget the past though- when you were beginning to really find out how to discover who you are as an artist or whatever you inspire to be in life. The times that felt so desperate, lonely and confused- which what helped you to discover who you are. I realized as an artist that not everyone is going to appreciate or enjoy your work. That is just a fact and how life works but don’t ever let that keep you down. You should never assume you can please everyone and if that is your goal, especially as an artist, you will successfully fail in being an artist. Art is something that should be how you feel, what you believe in and what represents you.

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