Didn’t Get the Memo

The city that never sleeps, the Big Apple- New York City– a concrete jungle itself but behind the towering skyscrapers is an ocean of diversity, everyday people chasing their dreams and of course the critics who creep through the pesticide of positivity from others in hope to ruin their visions of success. New York City has so much to offer for starving artists, entertainers, radio DJ’s and business affiliates even with events like the College Music Journalism Fest, AKA CMJ Fest, is when underground artists from all around or artists trying to get exposure in the music industry perform for a week at venues all throughout Brooklyn such like the Knitting Factory and a few venues in Manhattan as well; giving opportunities for artists, DJ’s, journalist, record labels to promote and advertise their label and music to a broad mass of audience.

Myself, P-Rice, have just recently came back from a week out at the CMJ fest in New York and all we have to say is the big city gave us a few stories to tell. I can only speak for myself that I have never been to New York City for more than a day until the week at CMJ and let me tell you I’m sure many of the locals thought of me as the reverse version of Billy Crystal in City Slicker’s as the city was about as foreign to me as the country was for Billy Crystal in City Slicker’s.  Or should I even dare to say I was like Bill Murray in What About Bob? when Murray played a psychiatric patient who struggles with many things like touching things in public places due to the fear of germs- before we go any further we have to say- we hate the slimy, hand smudged poles on public transportation but like anything else in life we have to adapt, right?

Well since I’ve already survived the germ polluted public transportation systems in New York City via subways and what not- you can say were doing an alright job staying alive in the big city so far. Anytime when your in a major city you are exposed to a lot of diversity such as different races, different levels of wealth, different types of food, fashion, settings and so on- one thing we noticed when walking down the streets of New York City was the lick for fashion. I noticed more everyday people dressed up, majority probably business or employed affiliates, but women were dress to impress even along with men. You could tell when walking down the sidewalk that there is more competition within a big city which means people have the tendency to express themselves more out loud and vividly.

One example I can give you about the fashion competition within New York City is the experience I had well walking into a hotdog shop…and yes a hot dog shop. I can’t tell you exactly where it was or the title of the hotdog shop but I believe it could of been in some part of Manhattan. Now I am just minding my everyday business, trying to order a vanilla shake, when I notice a couple guys walk into the hotdog shop. As I’m sitting there waiting for my shake I have the feeling that the guys who just walked in were eyeing me and for some reason had a particular interest in my “actions”. When I’m far into depth of making love with my vanilla shake, I begin to hear comments from this one guy who is in a full blown suit like he’s Donald Trump; and let me tell you the way he judged and critique my new sports jacket I just bought I would assume I’m fired. On my trip in New York I bought a old throwback sports jacket- straight pimping- in the fact it looks like a jacket the Joker in Batman would wear. Purple lines curtain down the black sports jacket with a flashy teal color inside the jacket. The jacket was a perfect fit and the price was even better- since it was obtained at the Buffalo Exchange.

“Why am I the only guy in a full suit? I see these guys wearing jackets but not the bottoms all the time now a days- whatsup with that?” went on and on the random critic in the full blown suit drooling over my sports jacket. At the time I wasn’t really paying attention until the guy kept talking and talking and I was finally like “are you talking to me?” and then I looked over and laughed to my friends, “is this guy talking to me?”- well before this post becomes what I’m about to say, well that is what happens when you “ramble” about absolutely nothing- next time send me a memo when I’m in New York if it’s going to be Project Run-Way week.

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