Still Spittin’ Game

Now the rap and hip-hop game is infamous for setting trends that come and go like with dances and clothes and the hollers and “ohhhs!” You never quite know what the next big “sensation” is going to be in the game; who remembers and expected that when Soulja Boy’s “Crank That” came out it would become the number one hit 6 years ago? Can’t believe “Crank That” came out 6 years ago and let me tell you for a real hip-hop head like myself it has been 6 years forgotten.

Some trendsetter’s though in the rap and hip-hop world, whether alive or not, still have influence with style, slang in the game. One of the main men in rap behind this would have to be the Godfather of Gangster Rap- the Hip-Hop Thugsta- Eazy “Eric Wright” E. Since N.W.A exploded out of Southern California in the late 80’s with Straight Outta Compton; it is like the rap industry decided that what N.W.A did in the game, which made the group extremely successful, was the route that every other rap artist should go. That is when the album shelves became polluted with a bunch of spin off groups, duplicate copy cats wearing black locs and hats; many just came and went which always reminds me of the “adult industry”. When some of these players in the game can’t keep up the same stamina as before- the industry doesn’t want them anymore. Maybe the whole entertainment industry is like that- it is all about numbers and the right looks, right? As an artist this can be difficult, as we’ve dabbled in and out of the music scene for a bit, but success comes in many shades and also at different times in life.

One westcoast legend that Still Spittin’ Game, Jerry B. Long AKA Kokane,  has been in the game since the late 80’s and made some noise in the early and mid 90’s with Above the Law. After the prime days of Ruthless it seemed as the Westcoast legends were just left to do for self and some even, you could say with no disrespect, fell off in the game as the times kept changing. The South came up in the rap/hip-hop scene in the late 90’s and dominated throughout the new millennium. Yet, Kokane still remains strong throughout the years and representing the Ruthless legacy more than ever. In my opinion, Kokane has even elevated his game from what it use to be and still hits bullseye with classy westcoast production- though we would enjoy some of Cold 187’s G-Funk production once in awhile- it’s all good though cause Kokane “Stay(s) Winning” and never left his “Black Mafia” roots- remaining his spot to be still “Above the Law”.

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