Welcome (1st Blog)

What’s up everyone? I hope y’all hungry cause why wouldn’t you be if your on a blog site entitled “Bowl of Rice”? But we aren’t here to exactly talk about food, let me introduce myself, I go by the name P-Rice. I received the name through my earlier “rap career” in late middle school-early high school. I was the only kid recording mixtapes from my bedroom back then in my little suburban town and had the balls to sell them at my school. Looking back there were somethings I wish I did differently, as I haven’t perfected my style as an artist quite yet back then or even now, but my peers gave respect because I knew how to “hustle” (in this so called rap game), knew how to hold my own and I could freestyle my ass off for days. Peeps still put me on the spot to go spit some of that “fire”- why you always see me walking around with a water bottle- my mouth always burning! (owe!) ha ha but before I get too goofy on y’all and you all flee my blogspot thinking I’m some nut-job; but hey sometimes you gottabe a nut job to be in entertainment 😉 because what kind of boring ass dude is entertaining? Someone with a story to tell or stories to tell with a unique kind of personality or fun personality is someone whose entertaining..before I look at myself in the mirror anymore and get so big-headed my head is going to blast off my shoulders like a teenage girl popping her pimple in the mirror before she goes to school in the morning- Let me tell you what my blog is going to be about..I already told you guys that as, for a long time, I wrote hip-hop lyrics, performed hip-hop music as a serious hobby but when I got to college in the Western Masses I started and hosted my own radio show which has been a success for 3 years entitled “The P-Rice Show” on 89.5fm WSKB. For those that don’t know what the “Western Masses” are- it is what we called the cities/towns/region in Western Massachusetts. So like Springfield, Westfield etc. on and on. “Bowl of Rice” is basically a blog that will follow my radio show, The P-Rice Show, follow what is going on in our society today (I guess…)..and a majority of opinions and perspectives from myself, P-Rice involving all sorts of random topics involving life, the media, entertainment industry so on and so on. I know the blog is entitled “Bowl of Rice” and your probably thinking what a plain meal, right? The bowl of Rice is only the side dish…P-Rice is the full meal..so pull out your spoons (and please don’t take that in any other way) and dig right on in..cause will soon have our blog flourished with pages. So for now enjoy our welcome page and our radio show which will be back on air this week! September 18th, 2013 (6-8pm Wednesday Nights Eastern) 89.5fm WSKB or if your not from around the area tune in here: http://tunein.com/radio/WSKB-895-s22830/ Enjoy and Please since it’s monday…enjoy a little clip from one of our favorite movies: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AB9zPfXqQQ

Catch y’all later- P-Rice 

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